Walk With An Open Mind –and Let Your Heart Lead the Way …

I started out on a nice long walk; something I’ve done a multitude of times before
But for some reason, things seemed different today as I closed the old screen door
The woods were not too far away…I took only myself along – I wasn’t very 
Far into my morning walk when I was joined by branches of birds in song
I made it to the quarter-mile mark and there lying on a grassy like lawn
Appeared “Mother Deer” and her spotted, fresh, helpless baby fawn
I quietly continued; eager to take on the new day – The sun now 
Streaming through the trees was sure to light my way
In a clearing not very far from there where the red soil was starting to crack
I discovered a little struggling black beetle who was laying on his back
I flipped him over gently as I thought it right to do – Then trekked on with 
The fresh air filling my lungs with a powerful sense of renew
Carrying on past the tall green trees; it felt so good just to explore and to be
While the strangest but most beautiful feelings came alive within me
Almost at the little pond now, where the water was still and calm – Much to
My surprise,  tears filled my eyes as I rejoiced with prayers and psalm
Life stopped me in my tracks as a little chipmunk spotted me – Scampering 
Down – over the peeled curly bark of the wise, almost fallen, pine tree
I reached the milepost  – Thought it time to turn around – When I heard faint
Sounds of sobbing and was led to a small child curled up on the ground
“I’m lost,” he cried out hesitantly; with searching eyes looking up at me
So I pulled him from his bed of leaves as I hugged him like a tree– “No worries child,
Things happen when you set out fearless with curious minds to roam.” – “I  think
This path of purpose has re-awakened us–” Take my hand, child…
And I’ll walk you home!”


Loree Dittrich
Loree Dittrich
I am a writer/author that loves to inspire and entertain the minds of others. I’m inspired by just about anything and everything imaginable. I first realized the power of the pen as a youngster starting with my diary. My teen yr. Were spent quite often in my room where I would scan through poetry books and magazines for hours, often ripping out pages of interest. I lamented over social issues of justice, the end of the Vietnam war, race, poverty, and such. I discovered then, that writing for me seemed to be a way in and a way out of myself. And certainly, a way to respond to the world around me. My friends often assisted me with rewriting things I loved which all had a sacred spot. At 17, I was off to the city where I landed a job as a Nursing Asst. In Edmonton. I loved working in the presence of pioneers and always felt they had a lot to offer as I listened to their stories. However, it wasn’t long and I had a new vocation: Motherhood! I got caught up in the busies of life but writing little pieces remained a priority whenever possible. ~ My friends and family used to say things like: “You’re really a good little writer...You should write a book one day”...but I buried that thought with a lot of others along the way. But then I started writing a Christmas Greeting when our children were small along with random silly poetry and little notes and quotes. Feedback was always welcome and I gained a lot of confidence from peers over the years. At times in my life when I felt empty or afflicted, I turned to ink. And believe me; some days INK was all I knew! I am a survivor of breast, skin, and colorectal cancer and am truly grateful for the gift of life. I am also grateful to my husband for affording me the luxury of travel; visiting many countries. I’m a mother of four daughters, a grandmother of nine, and a mentor to many. My husband and I live in two places: Calgary, Alberta, and our sunny sanctuary: “Ecuador” where we live 3 months of the year. I am happy to announce that in 2019 my first Children’s book: No Home For A Pigeon” was born. My second Children’s book entitled: “A Boy Is Not A Kitten” has almost come to fruition as well. After that, I will proceed with a Collections book sharing some of my most prized and personal poetry and other writings of my life’s journey. I hope You will follow along with me... Joyfully, Loreexx

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    • Thank you Larry. Ink can be magic when we write at our best. ~ Thank you so much for your feedback. ~ So gratifying!
      Joyfully, Loreexx

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