Wait. What Now?… Help!

Imagine someone overthinking what to write initially as a new Featured Contributor with BIZCATALYST 360°.

You’re in luck. That’s me.

There’s so much to consider: Ukraine. Love. Pandemic. Sales. Race. Meditation. The Market. Climate. Ken Burns/“Ben Franklin”. Leadership. Slapping. Health. Gas Prices. Justice. Coaching. Elderly Parents. Kids. Private Equity. Spiral Dynamics. Blockchain. Bruce Willis. His Condition. The Integration of Work+Home. The Future. AI, VR, AR, AV, HVAC.

There are a number of things about which I care and even “know”. There are things about which I have already written—and could share.

But that’s the wrong lens.

It’s not about me and what I want to write. It’s about what needs to be written. It’s about what wants to and needs to be read.

If you write for/within 360°nation—you’re writing important and insightful material. My goal is to add to that bucket of gold and perhaps spring from a conversation you’ve already started.

If I know the topic, I’ll write it to it.  If I don’t, I’ll discover insights and share the insights.

That’s the idea.

Help requested:

  • Absence is not fonder: What’s missing from some of what you currently read?
  • Gotta read it: What topics/writings prompt you to read further because you suspect you’re reading something that will bring you tangible value?
  • Whats the question?: What burning questions do you think need to be asked, big-picture-ly speaking?
  • For the sake of our future: What conversations must be conducted as a society—and as humanity? What are the imperatives that require our courage to discuss—especially now?

By the way:

Do you write?

Might you write if you currently don’t?

If you do… I’ll read it and will happily comment.



Craig James
Craig James
Craig is a curious Writer, Conversationalist, Coach and Business Advisor. He believes the world can be a better place if we have the courage to conduct the conversations we need to have—and if we share wisdom and ideas with love and a spirit of abundance. He craves ideas. The serious credentials? Craig spent many years in the I.T. industry as an executive—leading business and technical teams. Unisys and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) are on the list of companies for whom he’s worked. His experience has equipped him to bring insights as a Business Advisor and Strategist (via CatalystStrategies/Cat-Strat Services). Leadership, Business Development, and Strategic Planning are sweet spots. He also helps leaders-of-leaders tap their own wisdom via Executive Coaching. Coaching is quite the passion for him—and increasingly—his practice includes healthy doses of Career and Life Coaching (Who isn’t reevaluating and reinventing themselves these days—right?) Cat-Strat, the firm, was founded in 2001. Currently, Craig is Co-President of the Northeastern Ohio Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. He and his business/life partner (Sue James) share the role. His most recent podcasting activity is as Host and Co-Executive Producer of “Big Audacious Idea”—a podcast about the greatest questions of the human experience. Hiking, guitar, skiing, golf, and reading are some of his favorite activities (not all at the same time), and indulging in exceptionally bad puns remains a persistent and irritating habit. Photo: David Allen Moss

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  1. Welcome Craig, fellow writer and contributor, it’s good to have you. I guess a question I ask more often in these days of Putinism, pandemics, and puerile behavior among certain of my male colleagues is WT..? Might we pretty please make an effort to show the better angels of who we are or should be, and give space to our gentler, better selves? Recently, I Googled ‘caring, compassionate men’ and lo and behold, within .57 seconds Mr. Google delivered 62,000,000 hits! I take that as good news. Unless of course that search derived from women scanning the horizon, wishing to see more ‘caring, compassionate men.’ In any case, I look forward to reading your stuff, just not about Bruce Willis. Nice guy, I’m sure, but…meh.

  2. Welcome onboard, Craig, it was so nice meeting and welcoming you last week on the Friendship Bench.

    Whatever you write, I have learned that for me, it helps if a little bit of you is in it.
    But that may be easier for some than others and also depends on what they do when they don’t write BC#60 articles.
    Does it provide tangible value? It allows me to connect with not just my intellect but also with my heart, and for building connections, that matters to me.

  3. Great to have you here, Craig.
    Ah, the questions of curiosity and the groundswell of opportunity. Re-imagining how we can serve the world, each other and an inner quest for community that helps make sense common as we ascend together toward a bright future of our choice and co-creation. What a wonderful place to gather and share our collective catharsis.

  4. Welcome, Craig
    What a good idea -asking the reader what needs to be written.
    This is a great community of writers and some of my best ideas start in comments on what others have written.
    My personal favorite is wisdom found in unusual places -extraordinary sense from ordinary people -epiphanies in unlikely circumstances.
    And stories -we all like stories -what writer or reader doesn’t love stories.
    I look forward to reading yours.