Today we celebrate the Dads. Like many Baby Boomers, my Dad has passed. However, thankfully, memories last. Today the role of fathers has changed drastically. I recently saw where the percentage of time fathers spend with their children has exploded in comparison to just twenty years ago.

The working life balance has indeed caused the family to spend more time together. Today the saying many baby boomers grew up with, “Wait till your dad comes home” is not always a declaration of impending punishment. Today’s Dads, as in the past, modify with changing times, and today’s children communicate with Dad in a much different way than previous generations.

Regardless of generational evolution’s in both children and their parents’ respect and love must be constant. In my generation, our Dad’s focused first on providing the tangible things children needed.

My Dad grew up in a great depreciation, fought in brutal wars, was skeptical of hope without discipline. Dad sacrificed his needs and worked hard to ensure his seven children’s needs were met. A Dad’s job is never done, and their lessons live forever in their children. Love and thank your Dad, often.

Rest in Peace. Love you, Dad,


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Larry Tyler

Touching story Ray thank you.