Vulnerability and Leadership

–The Mind Takeaway Podcast

In this Micro Episode, we explore vulnerability, how it shows up why it’s necessary to understand it for yourself and how it impacts the people around you.

Timestamps and Takeaways

01:21 There’s a lot of confusion about what it means to be vulnerable in the workplace, and we explore why that is.

02:09 Feeling uncomfortable before a meeting doesn’t mean your thoughts tell you anything about whether or not you are a good leader; you are just experiencing Vulnerability.

03:05 When we feel uncomfortable, we automatically attach the meaning to that feeling of discomfort as something we shouldn’t experience as leaders.

03:42 Creating awareness and noticing what you feel, so those feelings don’t creep into the way you lead.

04:05 When we feel vulnerable and insecure, we tend to overprotect, control, micromanage and display all that stress outside in the world.

05:16 How being comfortable with being uncomfortable and experiencing vulnerability is helping you be a much better leader.

05:34 vulnerability is just noticing the stories that we innocently tell ourselves when we are not clear of mind. When we might have the lens of urgency or fear or feeling like we are an imposter or whatever it is, it’s just noticing it and not trying to change it at all.

06:07 This isn’t a strategy; you can’t fake vulnerability; you either feel vulnerable and you are at the same time confident and clear of mind, or you are not.

07:39 Female leaders often tell themselves they need to control everything, be on top of it, appear strong and confident to compete with their male counterparts, and fear that it will ruin their reputation and good image if they don’t behave like that.

09:08 Every time we make a step forward towards being more vulnerable and connecting with people without a mask, we are becoming better and more authentic leaders.

10:02 Letting your team know that you don’t have all the answers opens doors to impactful collaboration, trust, creativity, and innovation.

11:17 Expressing vulnerability can either be impactful when you share it from the space of clarity or debilitating if it comes from fear and urgency.


Peter Griffiths
Peter Griffiths
Although I never planned it this way, I had two parallel careers before co-founding my own company. I performed as an electronic musician at numerous international festivals and clubs, including the Glastonbury and Creamfields festivals. At the same time, I served as a people manager for large-scale organisations in Europe and the Middle East. Balancing such diverse careers helped bring the benefits of creativity into the workplace and gave me valuable problem-solving and leadership experience. My travels through business, music performances, and personal adventures have taken me to 50 countries and five continents. Those experiences allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Throughout my career, I learned how to maximise individuals' potential and create the right conditions for creativity and innovation to flourish. By fostering diverse thinking and developing a psychologically safe environment, I am skilled in bringing out the best in others and showing others how to build high-performing teams from their own experience. My leadership approach has always been to trust first, nurture growth through opportunities that arise from failure and uncertainty. Knowing first-hand the value of communication and self-reflection, I seek to guide people to reconnect with their wisdom, creativity, and passion for life. Over the last two decades, I developed hundreds of individuals and high-performing teams for Orange Telecom in the United Kingdom and Zurich International Life in the United Arab Emirates, and in Germany. Currently, I work as a creativity consultant, certified executive coach, and mentor.

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