Visioning and a Famous General

Learning how important it is to set a vision for yourself and your team ‘before’ you go into a business meeting.

Good Morning! “Today is the first day of the rest of your life – make something positive happen.” ~Earthwind

The first part of this affirmation is well-known. The second part of the affirmation is a call to action.

A famous “general” in the old west would go into a visioning ceremony for hours before a battle and become one with the cosmos and his ancestors.

More importantly!

Both he and his horse were never harmed in battle and as a result, his people would show such bravery that they won every battle they fought.

He would build in his mind an amour that was impenetrable to enemy weapons – he was invincible. After creating this amour for himself, he would also create the same amour for his horse. When the time came for him to lead his people into battle, he was absolutely invincible to himself AND his people who followed him without fear. He would not only lead his people into battle but would ride his horse back and forth in front of the enemy daring them to have their best marksmen shoot at him. Both he and his horse were never harmed in battle and as a result, his people would show such bravery that they won every battle they fought. He was finally killed by a soldier by accident during a tussle at a fort in Nebraska. His name was Sitting Bull.

I tell this story because what we do for ourselves before an action determines what the results are.

You manifest what you think about.

Sitting Bull would draw out every detail of a battle in his mind’s eye including what strategies would be needed to counter the enemy. Thus, manifesting the entire battle the way he wanted it to go.

When you go out to an event, business appointment, or perhaps a date, you get to do what Sitting Bull did before each battle. You get to go to that place within and make your amour for yourself, your car, and those who will be involved with you.

When you go to that place within, you manifest exactly how every detail will go right down to the pen not running out of ink.

You become the fifth-grader to the fourth graders around you who are depending on you to be the leader you ARE!

Then when you arrive to do what it is you are there to do, you will be in complete charge and full of confidence that all who are present are your fourth graders and they all know deep inside of them that you will take care of them just like their parents would, with love and confidence.

The result is a success every time because you manifested every detail.

Remember – “Presence is the point where manifestation becomes action.” ~Earthwind


Terry Earthwind Nichols
Terry Earthwind Nichols
Terry Earthwind Nichols is a Visionary Strategist for people who are looking for ‘achievement based’ vs. ‘goals-based’ strategies for their business. Terry is an Award-Winning Profiler from his Naval Recruiting days and The Father of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression®. When he’s not strategizing brilliant marketing plans with entrepreneurs or volunteering his expertise out on social media, he can be found doing kickass interviews, planning his next vacation, or enjoying a Maker's Mark Manhattan at his favorite restaurant in a suit he designed himself. His favorite song, you guessed it - Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top. Terry is a Service-Connected U.S. Navy Veteran. H.E. Amb. Nichols is an Ambassador for refugees US and Global with the United Refugee Green Council. He is also the co-founder along with his wife Linda Vettrus-Nichols and Chairman of Evolutionary Healer, a global transformational performance improvement company.

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  1. Educational article.
    More generally, I would like to remind you that you can imagine a movement in the first person, in other words from within, when you imagine yourself directly involved in the motor act.
    It is increasingly common to observe athletes during important sporting events who, before performing their performance, concentrate with their eyes closed, imagining the development of their future gesture. In their minds they experience the race preparing to face athletic gestures that require high dexterity.