Vaccines and Careers – Thriller, Drama, Comedy, or Horror?

Polio, Smallpox, and Measles. When I was a kid, there was no choice about getting vaccinated. We stood in line at school to get the shots and by twelve we were told to get jobs. Salk’s vaccine led to our country becoming Polio free for fifty years. For some, it is hard to remember just how bad it was. But I have two friends in the 70s and 80s that got the bug when they were kids. They spent a long time in iron lungs and have been disabled ever since.

Turning Covid-19 into a political issue is one of the strangest events in my life.

This past week, businesses large and small, jumped into the mosh pit. For the last three decades, business has done far more to move our culture forward than politics. Don’t want to sell that ugly sheet cake to two men? OK. But we are pulling out our fulfillment center, all contracts with your state government, and more. Why?

It seems our political leaders spend most of their time yelling at each other. But big business has jumped into the mosh pit. Recent history demonstrated that business has done far more to advance humanitarian causes. Don’t want to sell an ugly sheet cake to two guys? OK. We are pulling over a billion dollars of revenue from your market.

After almost two years of trying to protect our friends, colleagues, and loved ones. A tidal wave is growing, and it is driven by business. Get the vaccine or leave the company.

I am not going to imply any moral issues to whether someone is vaccinated or not.

For those of us that will not get vaccinated, this is a good time to explore career opportunities right away. This isn’t a patronizing statement; it is a practical outlook.

The disruption that has been caused by the pandemic is already a transformed workplace.

The vast changes in work can turn into a lifetime opportunity.

The biggest opportunity for the unvaccinated is to find a better job centered on remote work. There are also millions of people that are walking away from jobs to launch a business.

We have one suggestion: Find something that you love which makes all change easier.

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David Harder
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  1. Interesting points David, and agree the pandemic has disrupted society like a tidal wave… to include big and small business alike. However, changing careers is no easy task, even without a pandemic. In my position, I love art… yet it is nearly impossible to make a successful career painting crappy abstract shapes (unless your first name is Hunter). In general it is a complicated, difficult process to change stripes, to find something adequate to replace the income we have earned through years of patience and hard work. I am not against vaccines. I understand their global significance against many diseases, but I am outspoken against any government that callously forces an ultimatum to take a shot or lose your livelihood. It just feels so wrong and so creepy on so many levels. Worse, when I took my jab, it was in a public supermarket filled with maskless shoppers, which in itself feels like a common health violation. The pharmacy tech who jabbed me confessed that she herself was unvaccinated and skeptical of the shots. It was not a comforting discussion. Due to the gross politicization of the disease, I am more afraid of scientists and government officials than I am of the disease itself. The next manufactured killer they release in public might be ten times worse. I wonder what lies they will tell and what measures families will be forced to take to protect their best interests next time. In summary, the pandemic is all of the above… a drama, a horror and a comedy all rolled into one. God help us… 🙏