Useful Strategies To Keep Your Business Organised In 2020 and Beyond

If you’re hoping to develop and grow your business into some kind of extremely profitable business empire, it’s essential that you start by taking all of the key aspects of running a business seriously. In order to get this huge growth that you are keen to achieve, it’s vital that you ensure that first your business is being run in a highly productive, efficient and organised way.

When a small business lacks organisation, the result doesn’t seem as negative. However, when a larger corporation lacks organisation, the results and impact can be catastrophic. That’s why it’s important that your business masters organisation as soon as possible, so that running your business in an organised way becomes a habit.

The problem is that when a business is run in a disorganised way, that’s when mistakes can happen and key deadlines can be missed. Even if your business is slowly starting to grow, without an organised approach in place, sooner or later your business plans are going to derail and the results are going to be disastrous.

That’s why it’s vital that you get into good habits sooner rather than later when it comes to the organisational strategies of your business and how it’s run. Of course, knowing what steps to take to become a more organised business owner isn’t always easy, is it? Where should you start? What should you do? Which strategies are best?

To help make the process of running a more organised business easier, below are a few useful organisational strategies that it’s worth taking note of and implementing into how your business is run.

Manage your office space 

The first step is to ensure that the physical aspect of your office space is tidy and well organised. A space that lacks organisation can impact yours’ – and your team’s – levels of efficiency. By creating an organised space, you will ensure that you and your team are able to perform at the highest level possible.

A hack that many successful business owners swear by is leading with their desks – there’s a theory that if your desk remains neat, tidy and organised, so will the rest of your organisation. As a rule of thumb, ensure that everything – on your desk and in the building – has its place, and ensure that there are plenty of storage areas available throughout the building.

A key organisational issue that many businesses struggle with is the organisation and storage of paperwork, because it can take up so much space. As a result of this, many business owners opt to learn as much as possible about document management and how to effectively utilise this kind of organisational strategy, in addition to consider storing key documents off-site. These two strategies mean that you’ll need to spend less time managing your documents yourself, and you can ensure that they are being stored in a safe and secure way.

Monitor customer support 

Don’t forget that it’s just loyal customers who are at the very heart of your business, which is why it’s so essential that you take the time to keep track of each and every customer in a more organised way.

While managing your customer base may take up a lot of time, it’s important to remember that your customers are at the centre of your business and its successes, and making time to ensure that they’re kept happy is crucial to your success.

In order to ensure that you are reacting to customer feedback in an organised and efficient way, consider utilising some key customer service software that allows you to monitor customer tickets and ensure that you are responding to them in an organised and effective way. You may find that software like Groove could be helpful for effectively managing these tickets.

Go paperless where possible 

To reduce the amount of paper lying around your office – in addition to helping to reduce your company’s environmental impact – aim to go paperless wherever possible. In particular, encourage your team to work in a paperless way – aka only print out documents if deemed completely necessary.

In regards to storing key documents online, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have cloud software available to your team members at all times. If you provide effective storage solutions for digital documents and data, you will find that your team members are far less likely to feel the need to print things out, thus saving paper and keeping the office space more organised.

Plan social media campaigns in advance 

When it comes to running digital marketing campaigns, particularly when on a budget, it’s important to plan these in an organised way. You need to aim to reduce the time that you – or your team – are spending on your business’s social media strategy. A great way to do this is to have everything scheduled beforehand, instead of utilizing live posting.

This simple step of aiming to have as much scheduled beforehand as possible will save countless hours and help to boost organisation and efficiency. There are a number of fantastic tools that can be used to effectively manage your social media strategy, these include Hootsuite and Buffer, for instance.

Manage your finances effectively

When it comes to your success at running a more organised business in 2020 and beyond, a crucial aspect of being able to do so is ensuring that you’re effectively managing your finances. Of course, if you have been running your business for a while, then you probably know how frustrating and time-consuming managing your finances can be.

Tracking and recording the details of your business’s finances can be a hassle, but if you want to achieve success and grow your business, it’s a step that needs to be taken. If you are going to give your business the very best chance of success, you need to get your finances in order. If you don’t feel like you can manage your business’s finances yourself, then it’s important to consider the options that are available to you to make the process simpler and easier.

One option could be to outsource the task to a skilled and experienced accounting professional. However, if this is a cost that your budget won’t allow right now, there is another option – you could opt to utilise specialist financing and accounting software that does all of the hard work for you, keeping your expenses and finances organised and recorded quickly and efficiently.

Improve workspaces for increased productivity

If you are going to progress your business’s success, then you need to ensure that you – and your team – are working within an environment that supports that vision. A key aspect of that is creating a workspace that promotes productivity and hard work – a workspace that is organised is key. When it comes to getting more out of your workspace, having an organised space is a crucial element of success. But it’s not just about organised, it’s also about the layout and features incorporated into that space.

It’s the little things that have the biggest impact, such as providing desks that boast plenty of storage space, utilising cable tidies to keep cables neat and prevent them from becoming a trip hazard, and of course, incorporating indoor plants into your office space. Yes, technically plants add more clutter to the space, however there have been various studies that have proved that plants can help to increase productivity and efficiency as they help to create a sense of calm.

Track time effectively 

This is crucial to your success as a business owner – learn to track your time effectively, and encourage your team members to do the same. In order for your business to be as successful as possible, you need to be aware of where your time is going, and how you are utilising your time in regards to each task that needs to be completed. Tools like Toggl can help you to do this more effectively, allowing you to track your time in a simple and effective way.

It could also be a good idea to discuss time tracking with your team members, to ensure that each and every member of your time is using their time in the more efficient and productive way possible. You could opt to incorporate a tool like Toggl for every team member, allowing them to monitor and track their hours, and determine what tasks they’re spending more time on, helping them to better balance their time and boost productivity and efficiency while at work. However, if you do opt to go down this route, ensure that your team knows that the use of a tool like Toggl is for their own personal use, it’s not being monitored by yourself or management.

The fact is that if you want to give your business the best chance of successful growth, running it in an organised and well managed way is crucial. Of course, knowing how to go about doing that is not always easy, hopefully however the tips and ideas above will help to make running your business in a more organised way, a little easier to achieve.

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