Motivating your employees can be a case of trial and error, there are ways to make sure that important business processes are undertaken with the best of care. But you don’t want to be running a strict ship where everybody gets their head down, doesn’t speak to anyone and sucks the atmosphere out of the office! Motivating your employees doesn’t have to take the form of the “do what I say” model of management, which doesn’t have much of a place in the modern business. But there are quirky and, dare I say it, fun ways to motivate your staff.

Write To Your Employees

Everyone wants to know that they are doing a good job, and what better way to be singled out for your achievements than to write to them? It’s a very personal touch, and it says a lot about you as a leader. If you value your workers’ input, make it known! And you think you don’t have time for that, Stanley McChrystal, who was commander of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan sent over 2000 notes of thanks to his troops every year. 2000! If you are managing a team of 52 people, that’s only one note a week!

Personalize The Office

People don’t want to think that they are going to a place of work, people will feel at their best when relaxed, and this will make them more productive. Making the place a home from home will help with this process, whether it is personalizing some stationary, or decorating their space to make it a more pleasing environment to work in, everyone has different tastes. You can get some catalog Office Max supplies and personalize them or go for different colors. Granted, there are people that thrive on a sterile working environment because they feel that it makes them work harder, but each unto their own.

Make Them Relax!

The concept of napping in the workplace may sound completely counterintuitive, but by allocating places for people to actually unwind may be the key to unlocking extra productivity. A study by NASA showed that productivity was increased by 34 percent and alertness was increased by 54 percent after a 26-minute nap. If you want to help your staff work harder on a project, give them a room where they can relax and unwind. Another option to help this would be to have a masseuse come in once in a while.

Make It A Fun Atmosphere

A party atmosphere could be a sign of tedium for some, but by making the workplace a fun place for real instead of superficially fun, it can aid in improving staff relationships and renew some enthusiasm. Quirky ideas can include dressing in 60’s clothing or bring your favorite album in to play. There is always something that people have an interest in that can transfer to the workplace, and while not everyone can be pleased at the same time, you could enquire about what people like as hobbies, and implement a theme day around that.

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