Unique Merch Ideas

Branded merchandise is a great way of getting your company’s name out there. Few people can turn down a free gift, and this can be even more desirable to prospective customers if the gift is both attractive and useful. However, with the market being awash with popular merchandising items like branded pens and mugs, you might instead like to use a more unusual choice of merch to set your company apart from the rest. Read on to discover more about some unique merch ideas for your business.

  1. Sweat shirts

Sportswear has never been so popular or fashionable. From sweatshirts to leggings, t-shirts to jogging bottoms, people cannot get enough of this comfy yet stylish lounge wear. Get in on the trend yourself by producing your own line of sweat shirts branded to your company. Consult a designer who will help to incorporate you company logo and desired color scheme into an attractive design that will turn your sweatshirt into a desirable statement for customers. You could also offer a variety of different styles, such as hoodies, traditional sweatshirts, and even t-shirts.

  1. Socks

Socks are another great merch idea for your company; used by many people on a daily basis, you are always on the look-out for a fun pair to brighten up and add some personality to an otherwise dull uniform. A merch company specializing in custom socks will work with you to create a pair that perfectly represents your business’s ethos, whether that is a sleek and professional look to compliment a company uniform, or something more casual for sportswear.

  1. Sunglasses

Providing both protection from the sun and a stylish addition to outfits, who does not love a pair of trendy sunglasses? They can be customized in a range of colors to suit your company branding, along with having your company logo placed on the frames. Your custom sunglasses could also double as safety glasses to protect your eyes for use on building sites and extensive work in bright sunlight. Whether you want a sporty design, stylish on-trend look, or fun novelty frames, there is a customized sunglasses style to suit your merchandising needs.

  1. Smartphone case

With smartphones being an essential part of everyday life, a customized smartphone case is a great merch option. Add your logo and perhaps have several different colors, compatible with your company’s branding, for customers to choose from. It may also be a good idea to produce your custom smartphone cases in several sizes to suit different phone brands, like iPhone and Samsung.

As you can see, there are many different unique merch ideas that your company could use. The key is to create a merch product that is attractive and stylish, as well as promoting your business. In this way, potential customers will feel that they have received an item that is useful and desirable in its own right, rather than a functional product that is solely for the marketing purposes.

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