Understanding the Different in Quality Powdercoating Equipment

When it comes to a clean application of powder coating paint, equipment makes a huge difference. If your application equipment is operating sub-par, you’re going to see the problems in how poorly the coat is applied. Unfortunately, a lot will get missed until it becomes obvious after the paint is baked on. And then the mistake becomes very hard to remove and repair. Unfortunately, the powder coating market has been flooded with an assortment of low-grade equipment that might seem very attractive with similarly low price points. When it comes to powder coating equipment the old saying of “you get what you pay for” rings painfully true.

Quality Makes a Huge Difference in Performance

High-quality equipment allows paint powder and high pressured air to push through the equipment so that it can be applied on the paint target, usually a metal part or component. Once the paint is fully applied, the part is then ready to be placed in an industrial oven to bake the paint in place and harden it. However, with poor quality equipment, a number of problems can occur. First, the application can be uneven. Second, the paint powder can gunk up inside the equipment, causing the job to stall or make an unexpected mess. With a higher quality approach, the powder flows smoother and reliably. The application is even and the job finishes correctly. And, when the equipment needs maintenance, a user is not stuck with some obscure how-to on the Internet. Instead, there is a customer support system provided that is robust, responsive, and knows how the equipment is supposed to work versus reading from a phone script.

Research Matters

Part of the problem for those unfamiliar is the fact that a powder coater sprayer from a quality company tends to be copied in look and design frequently by less than stellar substitutes on the market. That can make things very confusing for folks who are trying to make judgment calls on equipment through catalogs or by a photograph. Experience tends to be a hard teacher in these situations, and that can mean money lost on what was already spent. Fortunately, there’s a much better way. By focusing your equipment purchases on known high-quality equipment, you avoid poor quality equipment mistakes and performance altogether. The Wagner powder coating gun is a great example of high-quality performance equipment. It moves easily and effortlessly in the application, and the powder stream lays onto the target smoothly.  

Learning how different equipment works can save both time and money. So, when you get the opportunity, research different brands and levels of quality. Your research is going to pay off for your understanding of why choosing the right powder coating equipment matters so much for your productivity as well as your finished product.

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