Understanding Long COVID: Part 2

–Long-COVID Research

Let’s review, think about, and store away a few more research projects. It’s impossible to find accurate data on long COVID that has been caused by vaccines because it will take years before researchers are willing to and can determine the truth.

See Part 1 Below

Understanding Long COVID: Part 1

Therefore, you must compare research with your doctor if you have been vaccinated and are experiencing long COVID. Discuss research that supports vaccine side-effects exists vs. vaccines cause no side effects. I guarantee that medical professionals haven’t had the time to research for you! Please start with the data from the three I’ve listed below.

Nov. 2021. Do vaccines protect against long COVID? What the data say.

Jan. 2022. Vaccines may cause rare, Long Covid–like symptoms.

Feb. 2022. “Neurological manifestations of the long-COVID syndrome: a narrative review.” The research review confirms that there are still no standard criteria for a long-COVID diagnosis. Nevertheless, the research states it is a multi-organ disorder from a COVID infection. The most frequent neurological manifestations include brain fog, headaches, cognitive impairment, sleep, mood, smell, taste disorders, and sensorimotor deficits. I felt that the review of the research was done very well; it’s a must-read. However, I was disappointed that it didn’t mention the vaccine details of the individuals in the studies.

After my review, I was not shocked by the differences in the research outcomes because of my involvement with long COVID, but you may be concerned.

Global Documentation

If you are interested in tracking information, the need for global documentation has been recognized. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently assigned an emergency use International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) code (U09.9) to document long COVID on a global basis.

Will the documentation be trustworthy?

The Unknowns

China and Testing

China’s ‘Zero-COVID’ Policy

China continues to battle COVID-19, with millions placed in lockdown in Shanghai, a financial hub for global societies. Currently, the Shanghai lockdowns are the largest globally, and the government is building emergency hospitals and quarantine camps at a scale not seen before in the pandemic. Without access to accurate data from inside China, the world is on edge. But, we can all count on the pattern that has been created over the last two years: What happens in China reaches America three to four months later. As Dr. Fauci noted, “US ‘likely’ to see fall COVID-19 surge.”

Unfortunately, accurate data to help Americans deal with the upcoming fall outbreak will not be known. US politicians, medical experts, and other countries’ politicians and experts are powerless to gain trustworthy information from China and will use their “best guesses” to give out information.

Why does China have a “zero-COVID” policy?

Test and you shall find

Countries worldwide continue to test at higher levels due to the availability of testing kits. Several sources estimate that 800 million tests have been administered globally, with an unknown number of home testing and tests administered around the world that has not been recorded. No one in the world knows the number of tests that have been taken and recorded. We know that millions, if not billions, of COVID-19 tests, have been completed. This fact indicates that more people are known to have COVID-19 today than in the past. It doesn’t suggest that more people have been infected. Global societies have never had proper testing procedures or antibody tests to determine infection or reinfection rates. Live your life; you have probably already been infected with a variant, but realize the next outbreak is coming this fall. An outbreak that “best guesses” or “that’s how science works” will be the only answers Americans will find.

How does the next outbreak affect long COVID?

We still have a global clusterf#ck.

I’ll be writing a series of articles about long COVID, to ensure women have unbiased information. If you have any questions about long COVID research, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question for me to research.


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  • When reviewing research, think about the following:
  • Was the research conducted without bias?
  • Who are the researchers?
  • Who paid for the research?


Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
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