Turn Quiet Quitting into a Business Advantage


Slowly we are releasing ourselves from the blatant false promises and the enslavement of the masses, while a few enjoyed the fruits of the tree developed by the enslaved masses in the past.

Right now we are in a stage of collective energy, emerging from the cocoon.  While being in this collective cocoon, we had time to identify what we do not want and what we are prepared to give and want in life. Although people are not sure about their future, the one lesson learned is that what we took for granted in the past is now important to us.

Mental wellness, feeling safe, being healthy, and having an inclusive and innovative workplace, integrity, honesty, and values that were lip service in the past have now become very important measurements in our commitment to a company.  

My prediction is that soon the roles are going to be reversed, and companies will ask skilled employees to work for them instead of employees applying for work. This elevates the value of the individual and increases their worth.

Quiet quitting is probably the best possible pushback that anyone could hope for, as it forced Leaders back to the drawing board, to change and transform what is not working and for once listen to the voice of their employees.  This is giving a Leader the opportunity to either push back and cause more negativity or be wise and use this opportunity to re-invent a Business and allow each member to be part of the creation process.

A business is a circle of creation, a flower of life, and has its own energy, made up of a Vision, Mission Statement, and Values feeding the company culture, behavior, and outcomes through the people within the business.

Manifestation takes place from every thought and belief, action or inaction, reaction or disciplined action, communication, listening, and leading through the leadership style, therefore self-development, purpose, and high values form the foundation of going forward to develop a vibrant, and creative space.

Success is in the alignment of the Leadership team and the staff.  Any gap in between gives rise to potential threats and the loss of opportunities flowing through the cracks causing underlying stagnation to the growth and success of a business.

Therefore refocusing, and recalibrating this collective energy, and using this opportunity to communicate and build deeper relationships is most important in this transformational period.

How Do We Transform The Workplace Into A Success Circle?

  • Revisit and Redesign the Vision, Mission, and Values of the Company to bring it into alignment with the current markets and people.
  • Recreate a company structure and employment map that compliments the Vision for the future.
  • Realign the Staff’s mindset with the desired outcomes, with the emphasis on honoring the humanness in business.

Through the pandemic, people have lost what is most important to them, freedom and family.  The collective trauma escalated and elevated the human consciousness and made people aware of what they took for granted before is now not a given but important to them.

  • Work smarter not harder.
  • Most people are multi-skilled and can be used in more than one business area to prevent boredom and stagnation.
  • Cultivate a workplace that is welcoming, creative, inclusive, and safe.  The happier the people are at work the less they will join the quiet quitter’s corner.
  • Develop new management practices and train Managers in Self Mastery for Self Leadership to enhance their understanding of the Human Condition, Mind, and what it takes to Lead from the front.
  • Allow each employee to feel on purpose and value his/her voice.
  • The well-being of each employee is now your success currency therefore integration of a higher purpose, allowing the potential to grow and innovate is imperative for business success.
  • Embrace Spiritual Self Actualization and improve on Emotional IQ as these are the seed of success.

Nurturing your Staff will have a ripple effect throughout the business leading to your Client experience. In today’s world, it is not difficult to Rise above the Rest as the Rest is still caught up in the enslavement of the past, employing misaligned talent, not paying what people are worth, and expecting blood to flow from the rock which is the Circle of Creation of Choice, manifesting the exact results they create.

Lastly, a business is deeply Spiritual, has an energy of its own, and therefore is reliant on the collective to succeed.  Embrace this and allow your Staff to cultivate their Spirituality as this is where all creation starts.

Most importantly turn the quiet into “Communication is KING and action is QUEEN”, let go of all lip service, and get authentic and honest to ensure that your Circle of Creation honor Service first and foremost, to each other as well as B2B as the level of service determine the number of zeros behind the main figure in the business.


Madelaine Gomes MSC.D
Madelaine Gomes MSC.D
I am a Business Advisory, a Mindset Alchemist and a Spiritual Support to Leaders. I have 35 years of Business & Leadership experience and am a former Director of a Top HR and Staff Solutions Company when tragedy struck- leading me to Alternative Healing, Mindset Alchemy, Spiritual Teacher, and emerging as a Doctor in Metaphysical Science. I have been one of the Top 20 Spiritual Leaders Worldwide speaking for the IHRC in 2020/21 as well as having spoken at Universities, and for Mental Health Awareness in Australia and various other Organizations and Companies. I am a speaker and mentor on various topics, including; Women Empowerment From Pain to Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Mindset Transformation, The Power of our Inner Wounds, and; Overcoming Procrastination and Thrive Spirituality in the Workplace. Awards include; International Woman of Courage '20 IHRC, Gold Ambassador Books of Peace - INT, and; VIP Judge for TOP WOMEN AWARDS in business.

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  1. Great and amazing article. The topic is very well developed, the fine detail of the narration is remarkable and suggestions shareable.
    Values ​​have guided and characterized the history of humanity since its dawn, they have marked revolutions, changes, behaviors and hopes. Values ​​are something intrinsic to human existence, they characterize each person, they guide their behavior and choices.
    When it comes to work, it is common to talk, even in public debate, about tasks, skills, objectives, looking only at the human side relating to production, efficiency, know-how. Although these issues are fundamental, it is especially necessary today, in times in which technology is able to replace the act of human work in many fields, to look deeper, to investigate the human side of the worker and therefore to put under analysis the role and importance of the human value sphere in the field of work.
    In a world that is changing, and which is changed by human action, values ​​therefore stand as a fixed and stable point that guides the lives of people and companies.