Truth We Tell Ourselves

Our truth. Is it different than the real truth? How do we perceive life, the world, other people? How can one person see the world completely different than we do?

We each view our reality based on the core values we claim and live by. What makes my reality better, or truer than yours?

This question has led to many ethical debates. Most of us live by the basic set of rules/guidelines put in place by society. These can be created by families, communities, localities, countries, religions, and more. In our book; Journey Well, You Are MORE Than Enough: (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life we discuss boundaries that require us to determine and live by our own set of core values. As we say, you must know your core values in order to live by them. To this end, it’s imperative to surround ourselves with those who, if they do not share all our values, they at least respect our boundaries.

Boundaries are crucial when we have people in our lives who aren’t reliable for being fully truthful with us. We’ve all known people who are less than honest. People like this are difficult, if not dangerous, to share our truth with. Often, we can discern in their voice if someone is bending the truth. As Dr. Alison Escalante mentions in her Forbes article, Research Finds A New Trick To Telling If Someone Is Lying: Their Voice, speech tones, and patterns change when people aren’t being honest. While we may be good at picking this up in conversation, the audible cues we receive go out the window with texting or email. This is one reason why it’s important to be in person if/when you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone when sharing your truth with them. Reading the situation is vital. A well-read situation makes you less vulnerable.

Mariah Edgington
Mariah Edgingtonhttps://www.mariahedgington.com/
Mariah Edgington, BSN, RN: Retired Critical Care/ER nurse, Author, Professional Speaker, Content Creator, Transformational Mindset Mentor, NurseDeck Ambassador, Contributor: BizCatalyst 360°, Medium. Mariah has now transitioned into a supporting role of encouraging people to live the best version of themselves. As a Transformational Mindset Mentor, she mentors those who want to Harness the Power Within and take their lives to the next level. “Own Your Value” and “You Are More Than Enough” are two of her primary messages. She wants everyone to know that their lives are of value, and they are worthy of life. That there’s a better brighter life calling, encouraging everyone to have the courage to capture that life. Mariah co-authored, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life  with her husband, Byron. It’s available on her website, along with the accompanying Guidebook, Online Course, and Gratitude Journal. See Mariah's social media channels above.


  1. Great article I agree we all have our dif truths or values from our life experiences. My perception is not the same as yours. And I may project my views onto you. Or visa versa. We do have certain norms we go by that society as a whole have agreed upon to be the truth. However we dont all agree with the norm from our own experiences. There are sinethings we can agree to disagree on of coarse. But one has to search out self to know what our personal truths are and why they are. Loved this article