Trust is the Key

You know how it goes. You put your heart and soul, maybe too much so, into a situation, and then the doubt sets in. Were you good enough? Should you have done more or even less? Who knows? Okay, maybe some people are just rude; chalk it up to that. But when they don’t even say Thank You! you begin to wonder.

Well, stop the wondering. It is not up to them, it is up to you to decide you are worth it and if they don’t say Thank You!, the heck with them! The lack of a thank you is a road to Doubtville, right next to Whoville. The only way to avoid doubt is to have this absolute faith and trust in yourself.

So, whatever someone does for you, even the slightest assistance, say Thank You! It is free for you yet makes the other person’s day. Every Thank You is your personal angel in the sky. We can always use more angels looking out for us. Believe and you can do anything.

Trust is the key and I guess we all need to practice belief in ourselves.

It worked for Bill Tapia.

Despite his long life, Tapia did not record any music until 2004 when he put out his first CD at the age of 96.

Bill had been playing the ukulele since World War One with people such as Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, and Elvis Presley.

Bill drove his car until he was 100 years old when his eyesight started going.

Bill died in his sleep at the age of 103, one month short of turning 104.

Bill Tapia had great trust in himself and his skills.

Hang in there!

Joanne Victoria
Joanne Victoriahttp://www.askjoannevictoria.com
JOANNE VICTORIA is the author of 7 books including Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want and Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams. Joanne lives in the Greater Seattle, WA area. After professions such as Real Estate Broker/Owner, CFO of an investment company, CFO and Sales & Marketing Director of a home-building company, owner of New Directions, a business development firm as well as Gemma & Bixley, a coaching and consulting company, Joanne was ready for her next adventure, helping Leaders & Entrepreneurs live the life they want. Joanne took her business and personal development expertise, added in several ounces of intuition and humor, along with studies in philosophy, Buddhism, and leadership, all to be the best-qualified Life Coach ever. Joanne Victoria is the host of the "The Sanity Project Podcast", and helps frustrated and almost burned out Leaders & Entrepreneurs discover their True Calling to unleash the power of their minds to make a greater impact on the world, benefit humanity, and be more successful