Trends 2021: Top Autumn Interior Design Trends 

It is the height of autumn now. And along with the new season, new trends in interior design com. If you want to create a stylish space and cozy atmosphere at home, then we have a couple of good ideas to share with you. Keep reading and be inspired.

Natural Motives

Natural motives have been one of the main trends in interior design for several years. Recreate the relaxed suburban ambiance of your home with a subdued color palette, natural furnishings, and decor. This is where living plants will come in handy as well.

Modern Classic Style

As you know, classics never go out of fashion; they are rather adjusted to new realities. This fall, don’t be afraid to combine classic elements (stucco, moldings, parquet, and ceiling cornices) with modern or even rough materials, such as porcelain stoneware, concrete, and metal.

Room Screen

Partitions and screens are great for creating the perfect shelter from the coming cold weather. Highlight a sleeping area in your bedroom or a cozy reading corner in your living room. You can also zone the space using pieces of furniture, for example, a bookcase or light curtains made from natural fabrics.


The popularity of silver is gaining momentum again not only on fashion catwalks but also in the design of apartments and houses. Add sparkle to your interior with silver details: lamps, candlesticks, pillows, vases, or sculptures.

Green Shades

Green is one of the trendiest colors this fall. And this is not surprising at all! Shades of luscious grass, pine needles, and olive trees help create a soothing atmosphere and give the feeling of closeness to nature. This is something that is so lacking in a big city, agree?

Curved Shapes

The popularity of soft shapes and flowing lines was associated with the 1970s style fashion. However, it is something that is still considered trendy. Choose a semi-circular sofa or a pair of armchairs with a curved back for your living room. If you are not ready for drastic changes, pay attention to decor items or art.

Variety of Textures

To create a cozy atmosphere in cold autumn, you can also focus on the variety of textures. Complete the decor with knitted throws, velvet pillows, and fluffy rugs. Do not be afraid to combine several textures at the same time.

Reading Corner

In autumn, many of us really want to settle down with a book, wrapped in a blanket and with a cup of hot tea in our hands. Don’t take away from this pleasure and create a cozy reading corner. Find a quiet place, put an armchair, and add a floor lamp. You can also arrange a seating area by the window by throwing a couple of pillows on the windowsill.

Bohemian Atmosphere

A laconic Scandinavian style will always be in demand. Taking into account the latest requests, Pinterest users are more interested in the bright, vital, and eclectic “hippie” boho style lately. More and more people are looking for and taking note of interiors with bright prints, ethnic motifs, hand-made decor items, rich colors, and live greens. You can mix that all, and don’t forget the colorful pillows, rugs, and tubed trees.

Home Library

Of course, e-books are good if you do not want to lug a whole library with you on your trip, but there is nothing better than reading print books and magazines for autumn evenings. Pinterest recommends building your own mini-library and cozy reading area this fall. With an easy chair, a floor lamp, a coffee table, or a comfortable shelf with books at hand, you can forget about the pandemic for a while and plunge into the magical world of books.

Home Office

In modern realities, a home office is not a luxury but a necessity. Create a small work area by integrating the tabletop into the shelving system. You can also use a wide windowsill as a desk. For a complete set, you also need a comfortable chair and a table lamp that provides good lighting.

Open Hanger

For a personal touch, you can combine practical indoor storage with an unusual colorful hanger. This way, your favorite jackets, shirts, dresses, and accessories will become part of the decor. And feel free to swap items on the rail depending on your mood and season! It is your art studio, so it is up to you to decide.

What to Choose?

It is sometimes quite difficult to decide on a particular design solution. We cannot imagine how a reading corner will look, what textures will work best for the already established living room, and where to locate the home office so that it doesn’t clutter the space. If it is what you are stuck with, then we recommend that you use virtual staging software that provides spotless agency. The program allows you to visualize the space in 3D and play around with different interior solutions. Thus, you will have a clear idea of how to arrange the space in the best and most comfortable way for you.

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