Transformation Through Dance

Some people, including myself, subscribe to the notion that we respond to the vibrations emitted by everything in our world.  All things are comprised of energy that possesses an interconnectedness.  This concept has been validated by quantum physicists.  David Bohm, theoretical physicist, suggested that the universe is made of up both an implicit and explicit order.  In addition, he postulates that consciousness is never static and is a dynamic unfolding.

Dance is movement that mirrors this dynamic unfolding.  We do not duplicate our steps or undulate our body the same way twice in each dance.  As human organisms, our physical presence is constantly in flux.  In dance, we feel our feet patter on the Earth with soft intent or maybe passionate insistence, we experience gravity, we become more curious and accepting of ourselves with each motion.

Dance transcends any age from a toddler swinging in his feet in a high chair, to a teen who is paralyzed and can move their wheelchair to the movements, to an elderly person who can sit and sway their hands to music.  Those that feel self-conscious can move around a room as energetically or as peacefully as they feel called to.  Dance has been integral to society in a wide array of cultures since the beginning of time.  These cultures have made use of dance therapeutically, spiritually, and emotionally to express (and ultimately release) stories and personal triumphs and tragedies.

Dance can heal.  Dance can reveal.  Dance can transform.  For those reasons, Chakradance has been on my radar for years. I continued being drawn into learning more about it (the energetic and vibrational synergy revealing itself!).  As a younger person, I experienced release, escape, and community in jazz, tap, ballet, and Highland Fling.  All those childhood dance lessons left pleasant memories in my mind.  Now, as an adult, I find myself drawn to a freestyle flow of dance without the structure of steps and combinations.  A few years ago, I participated in an introductory Chakradance session that provided me some insights that flickered a light within me.  The spark within gave me the courage to try the facilitator training as I continued to work with my own healing and self-discovery.

The Chakradance Facilitator training was founded and developed by Natalie Southgate, a Jungian psychoanalyst, who developed the healing modality in the ’90s after doing energy healing and having discovered dance could be a constructive conduit to releasing blocked energy. She now passionately trains instructors internationally through Chakra dance with adults and Inamojo with children.

We have joyful experiences that open the chakras, we have traumatic experiences that can block them, we have shameful experiences that can leave them feeling depleted.

Chakra dance can be further explained like this: through music and connecting the music to our bodies we promote shifts and healing in our chakra system. Our chakra system, knowledge of which originated in India around 1500 to 500 BCE, is comprised of seven energy nexi which govern different aspects of our endocrine system and organs.  Lifeforce energy (prana) flowing through our chakras can become either blocked or depleted. This affects the physical body and the auric field. Think of the chakras as little disks of energy swirling within that are essentially our spiritual energy centers.  How do they become blocked? Through life. We have joyful experiences that open the chakras, we have traumatic experiences that can block them, we have shameful experiences that can leave them feeling depleted. It is just what happens in the hustle and bustle of life; there is no judgment attached. Think of all of the emotions being held within us. This is how depression, anger, feelings of misplacement, sexual impotency, addictions, and a myriad of mental health issues can become barriers for the ultimate expression of our bodies, our minds, and souls.

An encounter with Chakradance is experienced through pulsating music is loud enough for you to feel in your body, but not loud enough to be irritating.  A session lasts for around one hour. The music has been heartfully crafted to be felt at various tempos which move you through the dance. You dance in an unstructured manner based on your own self-expression.  Your eyes are softly closed, there is guided imagery to accompany the music, the room has candles and is dimly lit and intimate. After the dance, a brief period of sitting to meditate will facilitate further reflection and integration.  If you choose to, you are able to express your dance experience with drawing your own mandala based on images revealed to you during your dance journey.  The group will be one that is smaller, safe, and personal.  It has been my experience that each group seems to form with those that are in perfect alignment with the experience.

After the dance, you can see and feel the benefits of releasing stuck and inert energy from the body.  Some of the effects can be shifts in attitude, lightened senses of the body, opening of intuition, and greater senses of connecting to our inner self.  Each time I dance I have a unique experience.  The more I dance the deeper my self-knowledge heightens.  I feel more alive and connected to my Divine Nature.  After my own progression through a series of Chakradance experiences, I find myself feeling lighter and buoyant in the world, happier and more connected to humanity.  Tremendous soul offerings!

My transformation demonstrates itself in many forms. I have forgiven, I have confronted, I have become more sensitive to my personal boundaries, I have increased self-confidence that continues to expand, despite feeling like a weenie for a large part of my adult life!

My own vulnerability has eased into my conscious living.  Your dance experience will be your own journey of self-discovery.  We are all so meant to write our own personal story of glory and offer our special contributions to the world – why should any of us wait to embrace that space? The time is now.

I have penetrated into each chakra at an even more intense level for the last 6 months through Natalie Southgate’s Deep Dive Program.  I took the “leap” and signed up for the program after I received confirmation to do so through several dreams that I just could not ignore. As the program has progressed, each week with new music, new meditations, new insights I continue to transform and move into the layers of my experience.

This deep and dynamic unfolding is fascinating. I never know what will come up next in terms of healing and transformation for myself and those that I hold the space for.

Has dance affected, saved, or added to your life? I would so love to hear from you.

With you IN MOTION,



Maureen Y. Nowicki
Maureen Y. Nowicki
Who am I? Where do I come from philosophically? First, my numerology: I was born February 21st, with a 22/4 life path. I have a wealth of “5” vibrational energy in my name. That “M”, as my “cornerstone”, gives me some leadership abilities. I am a builder, a creative soul, and one who craves change and variety. Throw some compassion into the mix, along with emphasis on Earth and Water. Switching to my Akashic Records, I am a primary 6th Energy Centre person with the 7th Energy Centre as a secondary. My work experience echoes the vibrations struck by the numbers and energy centres in my charts. I bring to you the lessons learned from my training and experience in social work, project management, relationship coaching, feng shui consulting, Chakradance facilitating, and aromatherapy. My studies are always on the front burner; I have recently earned a certificate in Native Path Numerology and also Soul Realignment as a practitioner specializing in Akashic Records. Here I am today. I have no children, but I have a wonderful Godchild. I am a part-time caregiver to a parent, and I travel monthly to help out there. I feel that guiding others (I adore working with parents) in the areas of love, career, abundance, movement of energy (Chakradance) and timing is something that fits well for me. I have experienced the joys and surprises of energetic healing modalities in my own life, and here I go with building a full-time career helping others. Thriving on the interactive aspects of blogging, I strive to explore topics in which my readers can understand their own personal numbers, their Soul gifts and roadblocks, and the way that movement in each of our lives can shift us vibrationally and move us into SOARing in our lives. I put forward my genuine self to navigate with humanity in my interactions through my company!

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