greatness-thinking-thoughts-ponderingSuccess means a lot of different things to all of us and many times what you think is success, that picture in your mind, needs to be re-visited and redefined once you feel that you’ve arrived because it’s not what you thought it would be at all. With changing lives and times, success comes in many ways, meaning what you thought was success may just mean that you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Touching greatness is a Mom holding up her beautiful daughter or son and thinking I created this piece of magic because that’s what it is. Touching greatness is a student walking down the aisle and getting their diploma after four tough years of college, that’s amazing, or as simple as a kid riding a bike for the first time thinking I can go anywhere and be anything! A runner winning a marathon, a boxer winning a fight…a little boy catching his first fish yeah. For sure, that person that get’s knocked down in life and feels that all is lost and still finds the will and the spark to get up and slug it out again and again and again then to get that first win….it’s not always huge and it’s not always pretty, it’s not always celebrity status but we all touch our own greatness every single day with what we do because breathing is living and living and striving for something is touching greatness!