Top Tips on How to Gain Social Media Traction

The meteoric rise of modern social media stars has inspired many to try their hands at live streaming, influencing, and vlogging, and while it can be difficult to gain a following in the initial stages, making a living from it is entirely possible.

Moreover, you do not necessarily need millions of viewers to make your social media efforts profitable.

Growing your presence on social media is perhaps tougher today than ever before since there are so many up-and-comers with the same idea.

It is doable, though, and it starts with consistency and originality.

Start a Podcast

The more active you can be across a range of channels, the greater your chances of reaching more fans.

Developing an interconnected network in which you cross-promote your main social media channel is a superb way of boosting your visibility.

A podcast is a prime example of this. It’s a great outlet for showing off your expertise in a respected format. Plus, if you already have streaming tech for your regular channel, it may be easier to get started than you think; just check out https://melonapp.com/how-to-start-a-podcast for some extra support.

Post Consistently

Whether you are trying to grow your YouTube channel, your TikTok account, or any social media platform for that matter, consistency can help.

Regular posts at set times can help you keep your audience engaged and enable your presence to sit firmly in their mind’s eye.

By sticking to a set schedule (and publishing said schedule), people will come to know what to expect from you, and hopefully, have something to look forward to.

Timing Is Crucial

One of the reasons Twitch streamers tend to utilize YouTube is to make sure their content reaches the widest possible audience.

This not only applies to people’s preferred platforms in general but to their time zones. For example, say you wanted to watch a gaming stream on Twitch, but your favorite streamers operated on a completely different time zone – you might end up missing the stream.

In this regard, timing is everything, as is stretching your content across multiple channels to ensure that everyone gets a chance to access it.

Discovering the best time to post can be tricky, but by keeping your target audience in mind when you do so, you should never need to go too far wrong.

Be Patient

It can take a great many years to successfully grow a social media channel, and while there are plenty of stories about those who blew up overnight, this might not be a totally realistic aim.

Patience does pay off and provided you remain consistent, it should not be too long before you find your footing.

Find Your Aesthetic

Strong personal branding is essential in the social media world – it makes you recognizable, familiar, and perhaps most importantly, different.

This means thinking about each and every visible detail, from your choice of emojis and fonts to your thumbnails and your language.

Success will no doubt head your way if you manage to keep up the good work and listen to your audience.

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