Creativity is essential in the workplace. Without creative thinking, it’s difficult for any company to grow and advance. Even in the most scientific and logical of industries, creative thinking is necessary. Creativity should be something that everyone in the workplace is capable of. They should feel able to solve problems and take on challenges creatively. If you want your staff to be creative, you have to show them what you expect of them and allow them. Encourage creativity in your company by using the following tactics.

Recognize and Reward Creativity

If you want your staff to be creative, you need to acknowledge it when they are. You should be prepared to recognize when people put forward ideas. Encourage them to try new things and reward them for thinking outside the box. They don’t have to come up with incredible ideas each time. Just making an effort can be enough.

Allow Time for Being Creative

When are your employees able to be creative? Is there time for them to think freely during the day? Perhaps they spend too long completing set tasks and don’t have room to think independently. Try to allow them time to brainstorm and think about things outside of their set workload.

Cultivate an Open Company Culture

Make sure that your company culture is one that encourages sharing ideas. People should feel that they are able to contribute and that others are listening. Some companies choose to have an anonymous channel for making suggestions. This can make people feel more comfortable and ready to put forward ideas.

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