Top Resources Every Construction Firm Should Use

Construction firms and construction managers have a tough job on their hands. They have to organise complicated projects and deliver to a client’s specifications. It’s a tall order, and so they need all the help they can get.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there, ready and waiting to make the job of being a construction manager easier. Take a look at this.

Construction Know-How

Know-how is one of those things that forms the backbone of any business. You can spend all the time you like in academic institutions trying to figure out how industries work. But there’s no substitute for actually getting down there on the ground and experiencing it for yourself. For construction managers these days there are many different options. Right now there are free Autodesk resources on topics as diverse as architecture, construction and 3D modelling. These types of resources are great if you happen to have a specific question about how a process works or how to do a particular task.


Finding Customers

Often in business, it can be hard to find customers. And nowhere is it harder to find customers than it is in the construction industry. When the economy tanks, the construction sector gets hit a lot harder than other industries. And that means that during the down phases, competition is fierce. Finding customers in this environment can be tricky. Many contractors simply advertise in the Yellow Pages, like they’ve been doing for decades. But as a construction firm, you should be looking to cast your net wider. Now social media has become a major advertising platform; you should incorporate it into your outreach strategy.

In fact, from the perspective of a construction firm, social media is an ideal platform. Here’s a chance for your company to show off pictures of its projects on sites like Pinterest. It’s an excellent way for your business to show off its portfolio, essentially for free.

Most construction firms also operate in a local area. And so they should be using geographically targeted adverts online. You can do this by using Google Adwords to make your adverts locally relevant. The great thing about Google Adwords is that when you have filled your order book with orders, you can simply switch it off.

Regulatory Compliance

Like most industries, construction is heavily regulated. But staying on top of your obligations as a business can be tricky. Your best resource for regulations is on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.


The OSHA is particularly concerned about the construction industry, because of the high volume of worker deaths. The construction sector is one of the most dangerous in which to work. So if you want to avoid worker injuries and litigation, it’s best to do things by the book.

Building Supplies Procurement

Construction companies suffer from the fact that input prices change all the time. This can mean planning for the costs of a project can be difficult. Most businesses use some input inflator that allows the price of the project to rise with costs of raw materials. But it’s also handy to be able to keep track of price trends on sites like indexmundi.

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