Top Five Headsets For Call Center Agents

Call center agents have to have the best headsets to conduct their business properly. The right headset will allow them to communicate with customers more efficiently and quickly. However, so many companies make headsets that often, it is difficult to know which are the best call center headsets. This list is designed to help you choose the right headsets for you.

  1. Gadget Lover — If you are looking for interesting components of the headsets, you should check out Jabra Elite 65. It comes with so many cool bells and whistles. Users of Jabra Elite 65 get microphones in each earbud. They also can hear their own voice through a sidetone feature. For those who insist on being connected can use Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant with the headphones. Call center agents can choose to get a wireless version Jabra Elite 65 or one with a neckband that hangs on your shoulders when silent. Your customers won’t hear anyone else talking because of the noise-cancellation software. This is true even if your fellow call center agents are chatting near you.
  2. Daily Use — If you are using headphones daily, you should consider Apple AirPods. They can change quickly from listening to music to talking with a customer. The AirPods are easy to transport from the office to home or home to the gym. In addition, you can charge one headphone while listening to the other. This doubles the battery life of your headphones and ensures you are not without a useable earpiece. They are comfortable to wear and block out the noise.
  3. Quiet Time — Call center agents must have quiet when they are conducting business. They can’t have their customers know they are not alone. The best company for noise-cancellation headphones is Bose. The company offers Bose QuietComfort 35. Bose is well-known as the definitive brand for removing excess background noise. Besides the best noise-cancellation software, users will benefit from dual microphones, customizable noise cancellation and comfortable material that doesn’t hurt even when worn all day. Although Bose headphones come with great perks, they land on the pricey side, which means they might not work for a large call center with a number of customer support teams.
  4. Beauty Conscious — Some call center agents are conscious about how they look. For them, the best choice is Beats X. These are wireless headphones with a neckband. BeatsX can be bought in a number of vibrant colors and rest on your shoulders when you aren’t wearing them. Users also have a choice of ear tip possibilities. Every person has differently shaped ears. They also come with good noise cancellation equipment.
  5. Bargain Hunter — Call center managers to have to be budget wise. Therefore, they want the best bang for their buck. To appease these finicky people, look toward Logitech H600. These comfortable, adjustable headsets work just as well 10 meters from your desk as right on top of it. The software works well with Skype and Google Hangouts if you’re making online calls. The eight-hour battery life will keep you going all day.

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