Top Cases of Using 3D Models in Real Projects

What Are 3D Models Used For? – Top Use Cases of 3D Modeling

3D models make up the bulk of the majority of large projects implemented today – games, cartoons, films, media, marketing, commercial advertising, healthcare, architecture, and others. Thanks to advances in technology, 3D modeling has changed the way we perceive objects in most areas. In some cases, 3D models save the life – now we’re speaking about 3D printing in medicine. This computer graphics technique allows you to create a digital three-dimensional representation of any object, living or non-living.

Writing this article, we intend to provide a better understanding of the multifaceted world of 3D modeling. Let’s talk about 3D modeling design services and how to take benefits from them.

What Is a 3D Model?

3D is short for three dimensions or three-dimensional. Thus, the 3D model is an illustration manipulated in three dimensions – height, weight, and depth. A 3D model maker artist uses specialized software to manipulate edges, vertices (points where two or more lines or edges meet), and polygons (parts that form the surface of a 3D object – a mesh).

The core of the 3D model is the mesh – a set of points in space along the X, Y, and Z axes used to define the height, width, and depth accordingly. They are joined together to form shapes – three or four-sided polygons. Combining vertices manually within specialized 3D production software, a 3D artist modeler represents fantastical digital objects in 3D.

3D modeling is great for creating hyper-realistic objects and scenes since we are all used to seeing real-world objects with depth perception.

Where to Use 3D Models?

3D modeling is an integral part of many creative projects. Currently, the 3D modeling service is used in a variety of areas, including engineering, architecture, entertainment, game development, and marketing. Architects and engineers often rely on it to plan their work efficiently, find valuable solutions quickly. Animators and game designers address to a 3D modeling company to bring the most creative ideas to life to the fullest. Marketers turn to 3D models to allow customers to engage with the product in a more interactive way and so on.

Most Hollywood blockbusters tend to use 3D modeling services to create special visual effects. What is worth only a smash-hit, Avatar, produced by James Cameron in 2009? This film has transformed the industry of three-dimensional modeling, giving full play to the latest 3D technologies. The HBO series, Game of Thrones, and many other world-famous projects carry on this tradition, using a 3D modeling service to reduce costs and speed up production.

In game design 3D modeling is also widely used to allow players to take a fresh look at video games. The experience of 3D modeling games makes the user feel fully in the game, being a part of it, and not just playing it on the screen.

Can You Make Money from 3D Modeling?

If you study the use cases of 3D models mentioned above or somewhere else, you’ll find out that it is possible to make money – no matter whether you’re going to produce or just use 3D models for different purposes. Top-quality 3D modeling design services are highly-demanded today on the global market. More and more users strive for 3D views of products sold online. There is a good tendency in video game modeling – a high demand for AAA games with well-designed 3D graphics.

The ever-growing popularity and demand for 3D have inspired many design studios to develop a 3D modeling service as the key activity area to reach the global market. As a result, more and more enthusiasts began to pursue their passion for 3D design. Moreover, today the technological opportunities are huge to make money on 3D modeling design services.

How to Make a 3D Model?

There are three ways:

  1. You work on your own if you have enough knowledge and skills.
  2. You find a good 3D model artist for hire and work with him/her together.
  3. You turn to an outsourcing 3D modeling company and quickly get finished products at a professional level.

The final choice of how best to make 3D models for you depends on the following factors:

  • Are you competent enough in this endeavor? If the answer is “Yes,” you can try it yourself. Fortunately, you can study in different tutorials, courses, even if there is no competency. Despite this, do not neglect additional services such as freelance or outsourcing to support yourself for better results.
  • Is the planned project large? But then again, if you feel highly skilled in 3D modeling, you can finish a small project relatively quickly. But if you do not know all the intricacies of this activity, it is better to hire professionals and rely on their qualified help.
  • Is your project budget limited? You can consider performing this task without assistance if you have some limitations in the budget. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay money for extra services of experts, for example, a 3D modeler and texture artist. Alternatively, you can spend more time, instead of more money, on learning and finish a 3D modeling project on your own. But then this is possible only if you aren’t limited to timeframes.

Today, it isn’t hard to produce something. Know why? The global expertise is available to everyone who is looking for unique talents. So, don’t miss a chance to find a reliable partner and work together on dream projects!

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