Top 6 Best Comfort Foods Of All Time

Comfort foods…just the words bring up memories of long winter nights and grandma’s kitchen for most of us. There is just something about comfort food that calls people’s names, whether they are cold, depressed, sick, or just need to veg in front of the TV and feast on food that isn’t very good for them. No, this isn’t usually the healthiest diet choice to make, but that doesn’t stop even the most fit among us from indulging in it from time to time. Have you ever wondered with the top comfort foods of all time might be? If so, then read on to find out and see if you agree.

Chicken Noodle Soup

The smell of chicken noodle soup laced with pepper when you’re sick is one of the best smells around. Many old-timers swear by the power of chicken noodle soup to cure colds. It is the best remedy you can get if you’re feeling under the weather. Never forget the power of chicken noodle soup to cure you and make you feel cozy and warm inside on a cold winter’s day.

Coffee with Almost Anything

Whether you’re at an office Christmas party or standing around in the mornings before clocking in, coffee is a magic elixir. Whether it’s with donuts, cheesecake, or even on its own, coffee has a warming, cozy effect that makes everyone feel better. If you want your employees to feel at home and happy, make sure to have a reputable office coffee service in Chicago, Cleveland, Paducah or wherever your office may be. How does a simple beverage help employee morale? Well…coffee. Kind of self explanatory.

Roast Chicken

There is nothing like coming in the door after a long, hard day at work to find the scent of roasted chicken wafting through the house from the kitchen. There are many different ways to roast a chicken, from wrapping it in bacon to dousing it with spices that just make it juicer. Pair it with fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, and apple pie for dessert and you can’t beat this dish when it comes to comfort food.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Very few people can resist a bite of a chocolate chip cookie, hot from the oven and oozing goodness. For most of us, the idea of chocolate chip cookies transports us back to our mama’s and our grandmother’s kitchens when we were just children. We want to replicate those memories for our own children, making these cookies the best comfort food ever made.

Hot Cocoa

There is nothing more comforting than a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. That is why you see it in the movies so often when it’s cold outside. Pair it with popcorn and a good movie and you have a deal for most Americans.

Grilled Cheese

Another of life’s pleasures most people like is a crisp, golden brown grilled cheese sandwich grilled with just a touch of butter. Pair this treat with a cup of tomato soup and a mug of coffee and you have a treat that is hearty and comforting at the same time.

These are just a few of the best comfort foods out there today. From coffee to keep you warm to grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day, there is nothing like a little decadence to keep you going when you’re tired or depressed. Don’t forget the roasted chicken in the oven, that’s a soothing feast you will never forget and that will keep the family coming back for more.

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