Top 5 Online Meeting Apps for Business

The last year has seen a massive increase in the use of online meeting and video conferencing apps. The covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close and others to assign staff to work from home, and remote video working become the norm.

There are many video meeting apps on the market that you may not have thought about before being forced to do so, and now that remote working has become a standard procedure many companies are considering allowing staff to work at least part of the week from home beyond the crisis.

For many this makes a lot of sense: no need for the daily commute – an expensive and time-consuming necessity for a large number of people – is just one benefit, and there are others. We took a look at the top 5 online meeting apps that you can use right now, with the small to medium business user in mind.

What are the Top 5 Online Meeting Apps?

It’s worth stating that there are dozens – if not hundreds – of online meeting apps to choose from. The following are the ones we fund mentioned most often when considering the best available, so let’s have a look at them.


Teem is a typical online meeting app designed for smaller outfits to enhance their productivity when they need to get a team meeting set up. Easy to use and utilised by many household names in various industries, Teem is designed to be versatile and help connect users whether they are in the office, on the road or working from a remote location. It’s among the most popular, is sensibly priced and comes with many handy features.


“With an easy-to-use dashboard and some interesting and useful functions for remote work, Missed is marketed as a video conferencing solution for small business users who need contact in real time by online meeting with employees who may be working from home or remotely. Used by education establishments (online tutoring software, booking, scheduling, integrated payment) in the healthcare sector and in offices of all kinds, Missed is also popular with freelancers who need to set up meetings with clients. A neat package at a sensible price.”


Among the many reasons why online meeting apps have hit the headlines is the one we mentioned at the start – the covid-19 crisis – yet the use of solutions such as this one, Livestorm, has opened many eyes in commerce and industry to the potential cost-savings that remote working may bring about.

Does a small business need the expense of an office building when the directors, managers and staff can meet via Livestorm? Potentially not as this is a product that has it all and comes at a competitive price.


Zoom became quite famous in 2020 and is a capable conferencing app that has been used even for court hearings and other official remote meetings with great success.

Simple to set up and use, it’s also a popular one for non-business use such as online quizzes and virtual get-togethers, enabling families to enjoy fun during the dark times. For business users it’s perfectly priced for smaller outfits and also for larger companies looking for a good video conferencing app.


Another popular choice is Slack, which remains one of the most popular of the main contenders in the video conferencing market. Ideal for home users as it is neatly designed to be simple to get to grips with, Slack comes with all the features you would expect from a solution of this sort and is suitable for all sizes of business in many different market sectors.

That’s our pick of the top 5 video online meeting apps for business users, so take your pick and make life a lot easier for you and your team.

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