Top 5 Internet Marketing Trends in 2020

Penalties, which Google search engine can impose on the site, play a very important role in SEO. Just a few changes to the search algorithm in relation to your project can destroy any prospects for your business on the Internet. And all this is quite serious – many site owners do not take risks at the proper level until they face it in their own experience. But then, as the eCommerce dashboard shows, it is already too late.

Each year, technology is moving forward, gaining momentum new trends, which affects all the schemes by which people do business in the digital world. And to be ahead of the competition, or even just to stay in the game, you need to learn to work with new tools, track trends, and be flexible enough to adapt to those changes.

Here are the five major trends that will dominate internet marketing in 2020.

1. Switching to mobile

According to various data, depending on the subject, the rate of mobile traffic on commercial sites already now ranges from 30 to 50%. This is an impressive figure, and what to say about ordinary information projects, where it can be even higher.

While sales in e-commerce are still mostly made from desktop computers, the number of users who browse online shopping sites from mobile devices continues to grow day by day. Not surprisingly, SEO and online marketing professionals are focusing on optimizing their customers’ mobile search sites, working on the adaptive design, speeding up page loading and other factors.

Until recently, mobile devices were in second place, and desktop PCs were in the first place. Now the trend is reversed – the number of people who use smartphones and tablets to surf the web has already exceeded the number of desktop users, and mobile traffic continues to grow.

2. Active use of analytics

In today’s information-intensive world, companies of all levels understand that the use of better analytical methods is becoming a prerequisite for effective cost optimization. In 2020, specialists involved in the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses will apply more sophisticated approaches to measuring results in various areas of Internet marketing.

This will make it possible, first and foremost, to understand the specific behavior of website visitors and the dependence between sales at the expense of customers from different sources, as well as to make the right decision on how best to allocate budgets to channels, tactics, and campaigns.

3. Content marketing is still important

If you have a business, one of the mandatory steps you must take to develop it online is to create content that will communicate information about you to potential customers, help them and raise awareness of your brand.

Content can be different – articles, infographics, photos, videos – and distributed through different channels, such as a company blog, social media pages, e-mail, YouTube video. And the main requirements to it remain unchanged: quality, uniqueness and completeness of response to user requests.

It is necessary to work through all the semantics of the site, divide it into groups and write quality content for each group. That is why it is better to spend time and write one good and voluminous article a week than to try to achieve success by releasing on the conveyor belt no one interesting news notes.

4. Advertising in video

Yes, it is long and expensive, but since so many companies pay attention to this marketing channel, it means that investments in it pay off. The trend is especially relevant for mobile devices, whose owners are well aware of the multimedia content.

Such major players as Facebook and YouTube are already actively offering advertising in video format to their users, and others, judging by the latest news, are already working vigorously in this direction. Video content allows for good audience coverage, and if the trend continues, we can expect that the number of available video advertising formats will increase significantly in the near future.

5. Strategic diversification

High level of competition and struggle for the attention of users in all directions force to look for ways to attract clients not only through SEO and contextual advertising but also with the use of many other tools. Besides high competition, one more reason for this is the desire not to depend on a single source of traffic.

SEO can not always be stable and predictable because of the change of search engine algorithms, the cost of a click in AdWords can increase dramatically, Facebook also actively changes the rules, etc. Therefore “hedging” bets and a variety of marketing strategies can provide good results.


The need to use Internet marketing as a tool for business development becomes clear to everyone. More precisely, almost everybody. Since the statistics show that enterprises that are closed, there is always. And if you ignore the trends and new trends in the market, the chances to get into this sample is significantly increased.

The potential of Internet marketing is huge, and the opportunities that are open to entrepreneurs when using it are impressive. But this world is changeable, so you always have to keep your eyes open so that you don’t try to jump on a train that is leaving.


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