Top 3 Things a Great E-commerce Manager Should Know

The rise of digital platforms has served as a gateway for businesses to reach more opportunities, such as connecting to more audiences and clients through electronic commerce. The digital landscape has become saturated with different businesses, which also widens the space for more competitors.

It is not enough for businesses to sell their products online through their e-commerce platform. For a business to thrive in e-commerce, it’s crucial to build a strong online presence to attract the target audience and keep them transacting with the company. This is why an e-commerce manager is important if a business wants to turn to e-commerce.

The primary responsibility of an e-commerce manager is to oversee the management of the e-commerce platform and department of a company. This includes handling and strategizing for the website, social media accounts, and online advertising. Some of the skills a great e-commerce manager should have are listed below.

Website Designing

Most businesses who turn to e-commerce have a website. A great e-commerce website will turn clicks into sales.

The e-commerce manager decides on the website’s format and features that allow clients to navigate with ease. The e-commerce manager will also oversee that the web designer is able to execute the plan for the e-commerce platform.

One small but crucial element that often turns clicks into sales are calls to action (CTAs). Some examples of CTAs on e-commerce sites are “Click here to learn more,” “Click here to download,” or “Subscribe now.” A good CTA is indicated in a button that stands out and immediately captures the audience’s focus.

Researching and Strategizing

Trends come and go, and the e-commerce manager should be able to keep up with what’s in or popular among the clients. The e-commerce manager should know CRM marketing to get to know the clients the business attracts and how to capture more audiences that have the same interests and demographics as the clients do.

An e-commerce manager will also take the lead in crafting marketing and advertising strategies. Depending on the kind of business they’re handling, e-commerce managers should also know the ins and outs of successful influencer marketing.

For smaller-scale businesses, the e-commerce manager can also turn to microinfluencer marketing. It is just like influencer marketing but working on a smaller scale. In fact, an effective microinfluencer marketing is also able to derive the same desired results as influencer marketing does.

Another strategy e-commerce managers can also incorporate to the business is search engine results page. Clients who have an item in mind will search for it through the internet. If the e-commerce manager is able to put the business’s e-commerce site at the front page of a search-result page, it will most likely be the first site that the client will look at, allowing the business to capture more clients.

Budgeting and Financial Planning

E-commerce managers are often given a budget to work with to implement their strategies. It is their responsibility to develop a financial plan that allows the business to maximize their resources while driving their desired results, and to keep track of the department’s expenditure.

Based on the financial plan and the key performance indicators, the e-commerce manager should also be able to discern which strategies worked and which ones would need improvement for the next campaign.

Here are just the top three things that make a great e-commerce manager. On top of that, they will also handle their team members within the department.

It is not enough that they are highly skilled; it’s also crucial for e-commerce managers to know how to handle and lead people. E-commerce managers should be both knowledgeable and respectable leaders in their department. This is where public speaking and presentation skills are very important.

Since e-commerce managers are the leaders of their respective departments, they should know every detail and all the ins and outs of every project and campaign they launch.

They are oftentimes the ones responsible for presenting to the upper management their project proposals, progress, and results. E-commerce managers should be able to identify what the team did right, what they can improve on, and what they can do in the next campaign to guarantee success.

Being an e-commerce manager is no easy job, but they are crucial in making a business thrive in e-commerce. They are often called to be a jack of all trades since they are handling projects that have multiple and different aspects that they must oversee.

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