Top 10 Tricks To Study Smart And Not Hard

1) Start preparing in advance! This is perhaps the most basic and at the same time the most important tip. I don’t mean a couple of days in advance, I mean as much time as possible. For instance, if you have one month to prepare for the exam, use up all the month, not only the last week or the last day. It’s much better to study throughout the month, every day for a half an hour than to leave all the work for the last 24 or 48 hours. This way, your brain will have more time to “digest” the information.

2) Plan your time. Once again this is a very basic tip, but not many people actually do it. The best idea is to have a certain time every day for studies and free time. When it becomes a habit, it will be hard to believe that you could finish studying for an exam or doing homework so fast.

3) Use a timer. Often time is your biggest enemy during the exams. Not having enough time to finish all the problems usually creates a lot of extra stress, which is always bad. So the best idea is to train yourself with a timer. Also, you should know the composition of the exam to find out approximately how much time you have for certain problems. However, be realistic, during the exam conditions all the tasks will take longer, so take this into account and try doing some problems as fast as possible.

4) Practise doing past exam papers. Have you ever noticed that sometimes even the smartest kids get relatively bad marks for some tests, even though they know the material? Well, it’s because they’re not skilled at taking tests. Yes, in a sense they are bad test takers. And though many people say that being a bad test taker is just an excuse for being stupid, I say that’s just bogus. Some students are simply don’t know the composition of the tests or exams well enough. In addition not knowing the time that you should spend on every problem is also a disadvantage. Furthermore, there are some tasks, which are typical for tests and exams, thus knowing them is a big advantage. So to get better at test taking, just find out all you can about the composition of the exam or a test, practice doing it and look for patterns – similar questions, clues in the question, the easiest way of solving the problem and so on. For exam paper related consult, you can take help from thanksforthehelp, topassignmentexperts, and essaywriter4u.

5) Study in groups. Have you ever noticed how some tasks that look fiendishly hard for you are so much easier for your classmates and vice versa? Well, it’s because everyone has a slightly different way of thinking. Furthermore, everyone has different knowledge of the material. Thus it’s a great idea to study with your friends. This way you will form a full understanding of the material from all angles.

6) Distract yourself. Yeah I know it’s usually better to work in a silent and calm environment, but sometimes it’s good to train yourself for distractions. After all, you will actually have many distractions in the exam hall. Starting with annoying students always making sounds, ending with crazy seagulls outside the window. So to get ready, just try to distract yourself somehow, like listening to music while studying, or working in a noisy environment.

7) Control stress. One of the biggest concerns of the students during the exams is usually stress. It makes you sweat, forget even the simplest equations or dates and just drives you crazy. The best cure is simple – work and study under stress a lot and it will become unnoticeable. Also, if you feel like burning out, just stop for a minute, take a sip of water or energy drink, take a deep breath and continue. I assure you this will help.

8)Don’t compete with others. Often students try to compete with others to get higher scores. Surely a little competition is good, but when students start stressing out or studying day and night just to score higher than classmates, it’s just unhealthy. Of course, it’s easier said than done. However, great future awaits those who do it for the love of a subject and not for competition.

9) Sleep. Like a rule of thumb, most of the exams are early in the morning. So the best idea is to sleep well before the exam. However, what usually happens is that students have a lot of free time before the exams, so they have a lot of sleepless nights. Then when the eve of the exam comes, it’s impossible to fall asleep early, and they just end up sleepy in the exam. Students help websites bestonlineassignmenthelp, paperdoers and onlineassignmentwriting suggest the best thing is going to bed early 3 – 4 days before the exam just to get into the rhythm. Once again a very simple tip, but it actually makes a big difference.

10) Be positive. It’s just an exam. Yeah, I know that sometimes your whole future depends on the exams, but you shouldn’t panic. First of all, exams are kind of silly. They are supposed to show your knowledge and intelligence, but most of the times they just end up testing your memory and fast writing skills. Even with IQ tests, you can increase your score by 10 – 20 points, by just using some neat tricks and techniques. And finally, in real life you won’t be making tests, you will be applying your knowledge and making it useful. On the other hand, if you use some of the mentioned tips and study hard before the exam you will definitely pass. It’s a simple no brainer process – you study – you pass. So don’t worry and be happy.

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