We are brand spanking new. We are an evolving work in progress. Not all the appliances are working just yet. Not all of our patrons have settled in just yet. And those that are arriving every day are still adjusting their GPS to figure out how to get from here to there. And so are we. We may trip and fall now and then, but we’ll get back up and fix what’s broken. Let us know if you see any potholes and we’ll do our best to get them fixed pronto!

With your help, we’re trying to build something special. Our construction team is purposely not working from “status quo” blueprints to design “just another” social media community. They started with a blank sheet of paper. No, we don’t have all the fancy features & functions & bells & whistles that you find in other communities. No, we’re not trying to be another Linkedin or another Facebook. And No, we don’t have a whole bunch of engaged Members just yet. But we do have a fundamental vision 📌 NO Clutter. 📌 NO Spam. 📌NO Promotions. 📌NO Fees. 📌NO Kidding. 📌SIMPLY Pure Engagement Unplugged.

We’re now sharing good stuff daily along with other folks. We’re welcoming each new Patron as the arrive at our CAFÉ. We’re watching. We’re listening. We’re engaging. And we’re hoping for the best. What do we mean by the best? Quite simply an uncluttered place without all the noise. A safe place to visit now and again if you truly want to share, learn, make new friends and intentionally engage. A place where you are free to get advice and offer advice. That’s it. Not rocket science.

It’s Your CAFÉ – Not Ours

We’re building this for you. So many of you have reached out to us over the years disappointed with what’s happening on LinkedIn and elsewhere and the lack of real engagement and relationship-building these days. We wondered if it was too late – had Elvis already left the arena? And we’ve decided to roll the dice. So at long last here’s your chance to show up, step up and speak up. We know you’re busy. We know it’s tough to visit yet another social media community, particularly a new one. But your opportunity is here. It will be what you make of it. Don’t presume that our CAFÉ is more of the same. Don’t just stop by – grab a large coffee, stay for a few a while, stroll through all that has been shared and join the conversation, ask a question, dig deeper, follow a few new Patrons, make your presence be felt. Who knows where that will lead you AND us?

Are You Ready?

The coffee’s on, the chairs & tables are in place, and we’re already welcoming so many talented folks. Come join us – because …



In the midst of a world where so many are disengaged, cynical and apathetic, isn’t it time for some fresh air? Isn't it time to join together in building a refreshing, new community founded upon “real” relationships, “real” thought leadership, and “authentic” engagement? NO Clutter. NO Spam. NO NO Fees. NO Promotions. NO Kidding. SIMPLY Pure Engagement Unplugged. ☕️ CLICK TO GRAB YOUR SEAT IN OUR NEW ENGAGE CAFÉ ☕️

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Steve Mullen
Steve Mullen

Interesting & good luck!

@Team 360°

Thanks for stepping up, Steve!

Steve Mullen
Steve Mullen

I´ve been banging on for a few years now that the age of social micro-networks is coming. And so your proposition gets my vote.

Human Connection is also one that is resonating with me – https://human-connection.org/en/

Keep me posted.

@Team 360°

A powerful social impact endeavor indeed, Steve – thanks for sharing. And it would mesh well with our affiliated nonprofit venture here: https://www.goodworks360.com/

Yvonne A. Jones

I’ve already signed up and have to say that I’m terribly disappointed in the platform LinkedIn has become.

I signed up in October 2008, taught LinkedIn workshops and got my first paying clients as a Mentor through LinkedIn. I left if for a couple of years to focus on creating a Facebook community.

Since I’ve returned it seems almost every invitation is accompanied by a sales pitch. Where is the building relationships aspect? Where is the ‘let’s schedule a get to know you conversation’ when you don’t spend the entire scheduled time telling me how good you are and how your product is going to solve all my challenges? How do you know what challenges I’m having when you have not allowed me to share them with you?

Thank you, Dennis, for creatively working on an alternative.

@Team 360°

Your experience confirms is yet another example of why the Linkedin platform is on a downward spiral when it comes to authentic engagement without plowing through SPAM galore… thanks for adding value here, Yvonne!

Randy Markowe
Randy Markowe

You have piqued my interest‼️ Now let’s see what we can do as a collaborative effort to effectuate positive changes.

@Team 360°

Indeed, Randy – let’s see what we can do collectively… And let’s hope that our enthusiasm to return to a safe place with real networking and real engagement isn’t stymied by lack of interest triggered by so much social media overload & apathy..

Jane Anderson

I’m attracted by this purpose. “We will not be focused on pleasing everyone – ONLY those who accept, understand and support our quest to unselfishly lead, learn, share and transform.”

I have nearly given up all access to LinkedIn and I use Facebook only moments a day to stay current on group announcements that I absolutely need to know. I used to call myself a social media evangelist, and spent hours reading and commenting on posts. Two years ago I reevaluated the value of LinkedIn and Facebook. The more groups created the less motivation I had to engage.

This new tribe sounds like what I used to look forward to in social media. I wonder. If I join this, can I abandon LinkedIn and Facebook? I feel the stress rolling off me already.

I’m hoping to learn more about this option.

@Team 360°

We look forward to welcoming you to our new Village as an esteemed “test pilot” Jane – because you matter and your opinion matters….

Bharat Mathur

I’m all eyes and ears, keen to learn the nuances of this initiative, Dennis Sir. It shall definitely give like-minded individuals an opportunity to make the best possible use of their time on Social Media.

@Team 360°

We knew you would be, my friend… Stay tuned for more updates as we enter 2019…

Bruce Terrell
Bruce Terrell

Hi, I hugely relate to your vision. Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing what we all can co-create together. Together we can be an evolutionary leading edge.

@Team 360°

Thanks for registering, Bruce and for joining in our vision for engagement the way it supposed to be…