To End The War

–What You Probably Reincarnated For

How do you heal a warrior
Without healing war?
Especially if many of us don’t even know
What it is we’re fighting for?
They call on our valor!
They give us a mission!
But all it’s really about
is capitalism.

There’s talk of liberating states
With democracy
But really it’s all about
the pocket fleece
of the richest among us,
the billionaire clubbists,
Who profit from constant war, you see?

It’s not that the rich are all evil people.
But the systems we live in are VERY UNEQUAL!
And things like war and oppression,
which can make tons of money,
Can also make regular people act real funny.

It can make them forget their place as part of the collective.
Take their money to space! Which is not effective
at addressing the problems back home here on Earth,
that have everything to do with our messed up sense of worth.

We’ve forgotten our connections to dirt and sea.
We’re constantly distracted from reality.
We’re plugged into our devices,
Woeful victims of our own vices.
Until the next Hurricane sweeps more of us out to sea.
But let me tell you something simple, my friend
Beginnings. Follow. Ends.
The circle is the shape of nature
So here we go around again.
If we really want to get along?
We can stop listening to the media’s song.
We can pay attention to our here and now.
We can follow the moon and the sun.
We can get curious and learn to listen
Not just with our ears, but with ALL of us.
We’ll start to feel and want to know
that song rising up from deep below
We’ll learn to get along again
With each other and the land
Because you see the global supply chain is fragile, son.
And we’re gonna need a plan.
To end the war, we must decide
Collectively, as well as deep inside
That TRUE power is life force that rises
Not the domination crisis
That comes from the squeeze of the dominant yang
on the yin which keeps the roots moist and strong.
The rebalancing of compost
To gratefully embrace death.
To relax into cycles
To exhale each breath
The trust that can come
from your faith in the Great Mother.
Will take you to places 
where yourself you’ll discover.
Wherever you go (poof) there you are! 
And this is probably what you reincarnated for.


Kaia Tingley
Kaia Tingley
Kaia Maeve Tingley is a fiercely poetic author, highly technical systems designer, and overeducated freelance artist for hire. She constantly ponders ways to make the world a better place. If you'd like to contact her, please reach out on LinkedIn here.

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  1. As a Veteran, I share your statement that the warrior is a pawn. We are the ones sent to fight, because weathy men decided that needed more weath. A war is a rich man’s game and a poor man’s fight. A rich man will never fight his own War. He will deceive and use somebody else’s son to fight his battles.

  2. Kaia: Thank you for this. As a retired ‘warrior’, I concur with your assessment, and can only add that after 30 years in uniform, the second biggest heartache I have is how addicted we still are to war and its glorification. The first? How much my fellow veterans continue the charade. Any time I’ve attempted to call out the ‘billionaire clubbists’ as you call them, I’m labeled a ‘liberal,’ or soft, or unpatriotic. I’m 73 now, and Vietnam is a distant memory. But that its stupidity, and waste, and stain will never go away. I fear that we will fail as a country and a culture because of our romanticism of war. History will not be kind.

    • I’m glad that you resonate with this Byron. There is the warrior archetype, and then the style of war people who identify as warriors get used in. They aren’t the same. I read a short book recently, called The Little #MeToo Book for Men by an author named Mark Greene. It’s an intensely personal exploration of the reasons why it’s hard for men especially, to advocate for the end of war. You might enjoy the read! Thank you for your comment on my piece. More to come shortly!