To Die For

Today my child, I set you free… I send you up into the heavens to sing with the angels and shine with the stars. Your earthly body is gone but your soul forever lives on. I shall bless you with peace and love everlasting. I shall keep you safe until your loved ones rise in glory to be with you also.

I see you brought your smile with you. That’s a good thing for we do not cry up here. ~ You see, it is a complete joy. Besides, there is no time. We are so busy enjoying the company of angels and all that is good. Grief would only bring us down and we are always up, up here. That’s the best thing. It’s the best feeling.

I can’t explain it and you humans may not understand as you haven’t arrived yet.

In fact, I can’t wait to see you all again ~ in time ~ in God’s time.

I remember how you had such a way with words on earth…Well, that’s not necessary here. No need to explain the day away. It is perfect trust and understanding. The music is even different here and so what if your heart beats to a different drum? No C.Ds recorded and all “prophets” belong to God. And we don’t give our money to the poor here. There are no poor. We are all the same…Finally. ~ Equality, Eternity! Time to say goodbye to humanity and hello to the heavens.

Natural does not exist. Only supernatural! You can’t imagine…even in your wildest dreams. So don’t try; just believe…in the truth. After all, it’s the truth that sets you free in the end. That’s why there are no lies up here. Because lies are for people who are afraid of the truth.

Complete freedom here and no collisions. Even if there was, we are unbreakable. Our wings are always ready to take flight, Broken down angels don’t belong here. Some do wish to go back to earth, however, we do hold space for souls to heal. Then when they are fixed and ready, we welcome them home.

There have been those who struggle and ask the superiors for approval on arrival or what they must do to get a fast pass or a little extra attention or recognition. But the answer is nothing! You see, that’s the problem ~ It’s so simple. Wow! No need to have a job up here just to stay. Why? Because you’ve already worked your life away. Relax ~ Pull up a cloud. Around here, we are not proud.

I just can’t get used to it. ~ At first, I didn’t think I’d wing it up here…or feel, but the harmony in the heavens is just “to die for!”


Loree Dittrich
Loree Dittrich
I am a writer / Author who loves to inspire and entertain the minds of others. I’m inspired by just about anything and everything imaginable. I first realized the power of the pen as a youngster starting with my diary. My teen yr. Were spent quite often in my room where I would scan through poetry books and magazines for hours, often ripping out pages of interest. I lamented over social issues of justice, the end of the Vietnam War, race, poverty, and such. I discovered then, that writing for me seemed to be a way in and a way out of myself. And certainly, a way to respond to the world around me. My friends often assisted me with rewriting things I loved which all had a sacred spot. At 17, I was off to the city where I landed a job as a Nursing Assistant. In Edmonton. I loved working in the presence of pioneers and always felt they had a lot to offer as I listened to their stories. However, it wasn’t long and I had a new vocation: Motherhood! I got caught up in the busyness of life but writing little pieces remained a priority whenever possible. ~ My friends and family used to say things like: “You’re really a good little writer...You should write a book one day”...but I buried that thought with a lot of others along the way. But then I started writing a Christmas Greeting when our children were small along with random silly poetry and little notes and quotes. Feedback was always welcome and I gained a lot of confidence from my peers over the years. At times in my life when I felt empty or afflicted,  I turned to ink.  And believe me; some days INK was all I knew!   I am a survivor of breast, skin, and colorectal cancer and am truly grateful for the gift of life. I am also grateful to my husband for affording me the luxury of travel; visiting many countries. I’m a mother of four daughters, a grandmother of nine, and a mentor to many.  My husband and I live in two places: Calgary, Alberta, and our sunny sanctuary: “Ecuador” where we live 3 months of the year. I am happy to announce that in 2019 my first Children’s book: No Home For A Pigeon” was born. My second Children’s book entitled: “A Boy Is Not A Kitten” has come to fruition as well, in March 2023. I'm a contributing author in the NEW release:  Mission Hope -Volume 2 Book Under the umbrella of Char Murphy! I now look forward to publishing a collection book sharing some of my most prized and personal poetry and other writings of my life’s journey. I hope You will follow along with me. Reach out to me at loreefollow[email protected] if you'd like to learn more about my books.

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  1. Hi Larry,
    I started this piece years ago at a time when I felt very uncertain. I was recently reviewing old writings and HARK! …It seemed to nudge me. So I revised it a little and I thought of all those who have left us and well, here you have it. So many mysteries in life but I like to believe that heaven is attainable for all…It’s just a matter of when.
    I want to thank you whole heartedly for your comment. I am so happy that it touched you! Thanks and Grace, Loreexx