Tips To Make Your Enterprise WFH Ready

With the corona pandemic that hit the world in the year 2020, almost all businesses had to shift their operations to their homes. While many of them were not ready, there were some people who aced at this uncertain situation. This was a completely new experience for many of us!

It was initially difficult for people to adopt the work from home culture for a longer time and prepare their employees for this change. But slowly, as the situation demanded, all of us became used to and in fact tried making the most of it.

Every Individual needs to learn best practices to work from home, be organized, set up office hours, having a dedicated office space, avoiding home-bound distractions, and actually dressing as if you were going to an office. This will help keep your mindset sharp and focused.

If your enterprise is still trying to adopt the WFH culture and your employees are having a tough time working remotely, below are some useful tips you must follow:

  1. Office setup at home

While we get lazy at home and try to work from sofas or beds, we don’t realize that we are putting our bodies into physical troubles. Sure that is relaxing, but the backaches, bad body posture can have a long time effect on us. Companies should educate their employees on how it is important to work using an ergonomic desk and chair. They should provide their employees these basic infrastructural setup needs including a good internet connection.

2. Communication is key

In the office, it is pretty simple to talk to your co-workers by walking to their desks or in the cafeteria and discuss stuff. Now that we are all sitting at our homes we feel pretty isolated with work and family responsibilities. Regular catch-ups or meetings over skype, MS teams, Webex are useful to avoid the above situation. It can help them discuss the latest and upcoming projects and their goals and helps them stay in touch with office-related information.

3. Work life balance

In the office we wrap up our work at our scheduled time and leave the work stress behind. This is not the expectation when the employees are working from home. They are often asked to stretch their working hours and disturbed at wrong timings. This practise should be avoided so that employees get enough time with their families, pets, and for exercise. This would help them de-stress and work with a positive and happy mind.

4. Online training

Developing skills and training should not be taken a backstep while working from home. This would make your employee’s knowledge stagnant which is not good for any organization. Skill-based training can be conducted remotely with lms platforms. Lms platforms like sap litmos provide effective training to corporate employees much faster than the traditional learning methods.

5. Embrace the change!

Humans tend to react rather negatively to change. You should organize mental and health sessions for employees on how to accept the change positively. Maintaining an optimistic approach to work and life is very important for a healthy brain and body, which also helps bring out more creativity and productivity in them.


Being productive working from home is not a difficult task to do if you have the right frame of mind and proper work arrangements in place. You can start your day with coffee and exercise and get your things organized for the day. It is important to stay positive and ready for every challenge in life and work effectively in any kind of situation. Follow the above tips and tricks and you will ace at working from home like many others.

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