Tips To Keep Your Audience On Your Website For Longer

Keeping your audience engaged is something you want to perfect as best you can, particularly when it comes to your website. As your website is controlled by you, the content you provide can be anything you wish. However, how you run your site will have an impact on how engaged your visitors will be and how long they’ll stay on for. So here are some tips to keep your audience on your website for longer.

Create A Clickable Landing Page

Firstly, depending on your website, you might want a landing page. There’s plenty of landing page software that you can take advantage of. A landing page is like a pre-entry to the website. Usually, you’ll have a call-to-action on this page, perhaps to encourage users to sign up to your email list. Or maybe it’s to tell them about an upcoming campaign or to check their age if you’re a company that sells goods which are restricted for a certain age. For some users, a landing page might be annoying, however, if you make it so that it’s easy to click off then it won’t be much of a hassle. Make your landing page something that’s clickable and that they end up wanting to do what’s being asked of them.

Be Wary Of Too Many Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are very annoying for users, and if you are using too many, then it’s likely to cause that user frustration and to also perhaps click off the site. That’s something you obviously don’t want so try to keep the pop-up limited to one time. This pop-up again might be something similar to the landing page, and if you didn’t want a landing page to begin with, then the pop-up can be an alternative to it. Again, you want it to be engaging and to be something of interest to them. So perhaps you’re offering them some freebies or information that they need access to or advice on. When it comes to asking them for their personal details like their email, for example, there needs to be something rewarding and beneficial for them in return. Just receiving more marketing information is going to make them unsubscribe from you.

Have Clickbait Content

Clickbait content is super beneficial for your traffic, and when it comes to your website, it needs to have a blog. A lot of users like reading content online, and therefore, it’s good to offer a lot of content that people will want to read. As a strategy, you may find that doing clickbait material is useful. Clickbait content is where the title is or isn’t be truthful to the actual article. Either way, it’s that type of title that makes your users want to click through because they’re interested in what’s on offer. Do your research on what type of wording and topics are hot at the moment in terms of people being highly engaged in it. Try to make it as clickable as possible.

Improve The Speed 

The speed of your website matters, and if you don’t have a fast website where viewers can quickly navigate between pages, they are more likely to click off. And a fast website is one that loads in a matter of seconds. That’s not long at all, but a lot of websites sometimes struggle with their loading time. This might be due to the traffic already on there or it might be what’s on your site that’s slowing down it’s loading time. So look at how you can improve your speed, and if you’re struggling to make progress, then you can always get some professional help by outsourcing it to a technical company.

Get SEO-Friendly

SEO is all about boosting your site, and it’s pages to help it climb up the ranks of Google’s search engine. Anything that’s not on the first page of a google search isn’t rarely going to see much attention. Therefore, it’s important to spend time on the SEO of your website and to ensure it’s SEO-friendly for all of your viewers who end up going onto your site. There are many ways to improve this aspect of your site. Reducing or compressing file sizes like your pictures will help to make your site run quicker. Adding wording to images and to the alt text is going to improve your site because it’s factoring in those who enter your site and who may be blind or have visual problems. Your website design might not be up to scratch, so consider making changes to this where possible. The more content you churn out, also affects the potential for a higher domain, and that is a good thing for your site’s authority and strength on the internet. Domain is ranked out of 100, and the higher you get, the better it will be for the SEO of your site.

Know What Your Audience Wants

Your audience is what really matters when it comes to your website and knowing your audience to the letter is essential. You can learn a lot from your audience, just by looking at the data that your website collects. A lot of software exists nowadays that can look at who comes onto your site, including all their information like where they are from, their age category, and even some of the hobbies that they enjoy from other sites they’ve been on. This type of data is gold, and if you’re trying to create more tailored content for your audience, this is certainly a great place to start. Ask your audience what they want through your mailing list and through other parts of the website.

When you’ve done all this, you should notice a big difference in the performance of your website, and hopefully, your audience will remain longer on your website. You want them to be clicking on numerous web pages, engaging and spending a good few minutes on the site. This will all go towards building up the reputation and traffic of your website!

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