Tips On Making The Most Out Of A Coworking Space In Your Day-to-Day Schedule

Coworking spaces are new-age dynamic workspaces which bring in a variety of options and amenities for the members like the dedicated desks, meeting rooms and also private offices. The major reason why more and more millennials are opting for the best coworking spaces is the flexibility of operating. One can conveniently go heads-down and opt to get certain works done, host certain professional meeting, network with the fellow members over a cup of coffee and collaborate on certain projects with the like-minded peers in a coworking space Mumbai. The well-organized coworking spaces are fantastic destinations for networking even without attending some traditional networking seminar or event.

While some of the professionals in the various coworking spaces are full-time members whereas others use the coworking spaces either part-time or depending on their requirement once in a while. In case if you are not a full-time member, even then you connect with others & enjoy the advantages of the coworking spaces. Here are some of the tips which would help you to make the most out of the dynamic coworking spaces in your day to day schedule.

  1. Attending events – The coworking spaces usually have a calendar of events which includes the informal networking events, learning sessions, lunch get-togethers, workshops, and professional development presentations. You have to check the calendar in order to see which events are happing in a concerned coworking space and then make up your plans to participate in those events which make sense to you and you add value to your venture or career. There can be certain interesting things to learn like time management or video marketing which can be fun as well as enriching.
  2. Saying hello – You should make it a point to say hello to everyone around you whom you encounter in the coworking space. The existing members of a coworking space may at times miss out in realizing that you are new in the particular workspace and a quick hello may be a great way to initiate a conversation and learn more from their interests. You can very well start a casual conversation while you’re getting a coffee refill in the lobby or pantry and also check the member wall for the upcoming calendar of events. You can also interact with the members who are your immediate neighbors in the coworking space. Keeping your heads down and not connecting with others in the coworking space is not a great idea. You can initiate by just saying a warm hello and others would extend a quick response to your hello happily.
  3. Signing up for a newsletter makes sense – If you thoroughly enjoy working in a coworking space, you should necessarily subscribe for a mailing list so that you are always in the loop regarding the upcoming events, member news, and community announcements. You can find out a lot about the existing community in the coworking space just by following the regular news that comes through the newsletters. You will be able to get a quick heads-up regarding the celebrations and events that are happening in the concerned coworking space.
  4. Filling up the online profile – In case you are a virtual member or a part-time member, then you should necessarily fill out your profile in the existing member platform that is being used in the concerned coworking space. This is a very simple procedure to add your contact and company’s credentials to the group email account. Doing this would make you visible to all the members in the coworking space. You may opt to fill up the member profile details in a more extensive manner mentioning about your focus areas, interests, current offerings, and background. This would help the other members to know you quite well and help in breaking the ice.
  5. Responding to the questions in the members’ forum – There is an existing community in every coworking space. You should ensure to join the community and share generously your insights and skills. By joining this community, you would have an opportunity to learn a lot of new things like business suggestions, tech suggestions, and valuable insights. This also increases your chances of hiring a specialist urgently at times of your professional needs.
  6. Connecting with the Community Manager – One of the initial things that you should ideally do when you newly join a coworking space is to connect with the community manager. By doing so, you would remain informed about all major things that are happening in that concerned coworking space. The community managers are usually extraordinary networkers and thus they would be able to introduce you to a lot of the members in the coworking spaces. While you get introduced to new and like-minded people, you would be able to get new ideas for your business/venture.
  7. Bring some extra food for sharing – If you are seriously interested to develop connections and friends in a concerned coworking space, then you should consider bringing some delicious food to share with the other members in the coworking space. By doing so, you would successfully be able to create an immediate positive impression on them and the people would be more than glad to initiate a conversation with you. If you are operating from the coworking space only for a limited time, then you may not have to make this special effort but you never know that some casual connections can lead you to add a lot of value to your business.

If you would follow all of these or even a few of these in the coworking space on your daily schedules, then you would certainly be able to make the most out of the coworking space.

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