Tips For Preparing For A Office Move

As your business grows, you will require more staff and potentially more space. When this time comes, chances are you will need to move offices in order to fit everyone in. Finding an office is an exciting journey, particularly as it shows that your business is operating well and running successfully. When moving offices, there are a number of things for you to consider, from letting your clients know, to getting your equipment packed, and hiring an interstate removalist company to help you move. Below are four things to consider when moving offices.

Letting Your Clients Know

One major thing that needs to happen when moving offices, is for all your employees and yourself to let your current clients know about the move. This is important for a few reasons. Firstly, when moving you may need to close the office for a day or two to set up correctly in the new office, and secondly, they will need to know about where the new offices are – especially if they visit or send you things in the post. Sometimes the easiest way to communicate with your clients and suppliers is through a blanket email and a personal follow up.

Packing Least Important Items As Soon As Possible

When moving offices, the sooner you start getting things packed and prepared, the less stressful the move will be. When deciding what to pack first, look at the things that are less important to the running of your business. This way your business does not suffer any disruption and can continue without losing any revenue. Then, in the days leading up to the move, start thinking about packing more vital items. If you can, try and move on a day that your business is closed normally anyway, for example on a weekend.

Determine A Schedule And Time Frame

Before your move, try and factor in a schedule and time frame for it to take place over. Make the timeframe as realistic as possible so that it is achievable. By having a schedule, you can let your other employees know what’s happening and when. It is extremely important to let your employees know what’s happening at all times as a move will disrupt their day, so by keeping them in the loop they can manage their own client expectations and reduce the disruption to their day. There are a whole variety of apps you can use to schedule your day.

Create a new layout for the office and seating plan

Chances are you currently have a floor plan and seating plan for your current office. When moving, the floor plan could be completely different meaning your seating plans will change. Try and plan your new seating plan and layout before the move. This will make moving a lot easier and allow you to advise your movers on where things are going when they are moving your office to the new block.

Moving offices is a great way to improve productivity and enhance team collaboration. If done correctly, it can make your office a nice place to work in and have your employees more motivated.

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