Tips For Making Your Workday Easier

Within any industry, we are always looking for new business lessons to improve our productiveness, knowledge, and work-life balance. No matter if you are working online or in an office, most will agree that they would love to know how to make their workdays easier. If that is you then you have come to the right place. Here are the most effective (yet simple) tips for making your working days easier.

Outsource timely tasks

Timely tasks, such as managing finances, can easily be outsourced if you have the budget to do so. For instance, you may never prioritize keeping on top of your finances. Then all of a sudden they overwhelm you, the tax year has come around, and you have dissatisfied staff.

Utilizing bookkeepers means your finances and payroll can be dealt with professionally. This will take less pressure off of your to-do list and you can ensure it will be completed to the highest standard. Simply outsourcing a task like this can make your work life much easier and allows you to focus on the tasks you enjoy.

Focus on rewarding tasks

Focus the majority of your energy on those tasks that are going to create the biggest results. You’ll look like you’re doing much more, but secretly with less effort. This is often called getting the low-hanging fruit—the rewards you can achieve with the least effort. Of course, you also need to complete priority tasks. But, having a balance is key and will make your work life much more enjoyable.

Prioritize difficult tasks

By getting the hardest thing on your plate out of the way first thing in the morning, the rest of the day will feel way easier by comparison. Plus, then you won’t waste mental energy all day thinking about this challenging thing you have to do. If you prioritize the hardest or least fun, tasks then you can take the pressure off of your work life and make your day more fun and manageable.

Start using shorter emails

Emails can be short and sweet. They don’t have to be lengthy and getting good at shorter emails will save you a lot of time and make your workday easier. What if you made it all easier for yourself by setting a limit on how long each response can be? Obviously, some messages necessarily have to be longer than others, but challenge yourself to keep them under five sentences long (or even shorter!) as often as possible.

Know that it is okay to say “no”

Consider saying “no” a little more often to new asks. Obviously, you can’t do this all the time to just get out of work, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed or you get an ask for something non-work related (like doing an informational interview with a friend’s kid), suck it up and say “no.”

Stop trying to be perfect

Perfect doesn’t exist. Take that mantra into everyday life as well as work. If you put pressure on yourself to be and do perfect, then you will always be dissatisfied with the result. Trying to be perfect will overwhelm you and put more pressure on tasks than there needs to be. Avoid being perfect and simply perform to your best ability. To do so, take regular breaks, reward yourself, and ask for help when you need it.

Eliminate colleague interruptions

Your co-workers probably mean well, but their constant stream of IM updates, quick questions for you about the latest project, or chit-chat about their weekends can seriously mess up your flow of focus, making it way harder to get difficult tasks done. Set up systems that alert your office mates when you’re in the zone—whether it’s a do not disturb message on your chat or huge headphones that signify that you’re not to be bothered—and communicate them clearly.

Take breaks

Taking breaks is crucial to stay motivated and productive. If you sit at your desk all day, you can quickly burn out. This can make you demotivated and not work to the best of your ability. You must know how satisfying it is to get a task complete to your highest standard and being rewarded for it. When you did this, you probably had amazing energy. Thus, when you feel a little burnt out, remember to take a break to recuperate that energy. You will feel more satisfied and ready to take on the tasks that need your attention. A break can be just ten minutes every now and then to stretch your legs and gather your thoughts away from your workstation.

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