Tips for Creating a Rustic Garden

The vintage look is back! If you enjoy the look of cozy, rustic gardens, it is time to get creative and make your little heaven on earth.

You can do anything with the space that you have. Imagination is your only limit. Visit vintage stores and markets, or even build your own pots, furniture, or even a rustic fence – more info here.

Rustic gardens often look like a perfect and beautiful mess, they have the charm of an idyllic and comfortable home that can make you feel relaxed and content.

No matter how much space you have, you can always make your garden look like a wonderland, and here is how.

Don’t let your pots and containers be too perfect

If you have pots that you intend to reuse right after you clean them, use them, but without any scrubbing. The moss and the dry soil can add a small detail to the rustic look. But you do not want a build-up of salt on them; it may ruin the pots and the roots of the plant, so make sure to clean just the parts with salt on them.

Use a different style of pots and containers. Do not make them all the same. Add tin cans, zinc buckets, stone, and wooden crates, anything that you can get your hands on. Just ensure that you poke holes at the bottom so that the accumulated water can drain.

But you do not need to plant your flowers in pots and crates; the vintage look is best achieved with the smallest touches that add a unique feeling to the garden. Old watering cans, old boots, or even abandoned birdhouses could make a new home for your new plants.

When you are working with a lot of water and soil, do not forget to keep your hands safe, the best practice is to find suitable quality garden gloves and equipment that can protect your skin.

So be prepared, choose gardening tools and equipment and go for it!


Although a busy-looking garden can be beautiful, you do not want it to become a mess. Let your plants overgrow, but balance it out by having some beautiful patches of grass. Find plants that will stand out amongst the crowd. Having a couple of big and beautiful plants can make your garden look special even though the rest of your plants might be smaller and less unique. Tall vegetation gives out the feel of an old garden, even if you have just started your gardening hobby. The size between the large and the small flowers and plants gives an illusion of evolution over time, which adds up to the vintage look you are trying to achieve.

If you are unable to find the enormous vegetation to put in your garden, setting up huge pots might do the trick. Larger containers can fit more flowers, but they can often be more expensive than the plants. But if you do not have much money to spare, buying medium-sized pots and elevating them on bricks, or mounded soil can be just as good. Make your big and unusual plants stand out amongst the crowd.

Add furniture

Furniture can give your garden an instant ancient feel if you choose it correctly. They are an essential addition to every garden, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Scour vintage fairs or flea markets to find the perfect fit for your garden, or you can even reuse your existing furniture or make it yourself.

Create a beautiful display for your plants by repurposing an old ladder, or a sitting bench that you cannot repair. Create little stone or wood paves, add small rocks and decorate your garden with vintage objects such as old painted bicycles, wheels, and if you have space, a hand-made shed.

Mix up the styles of your furniture to give it a bit more personality. Maybe you like your greenery to have a rustic look, but you want your sitting area to be more modern. No problem! You can make everything work if you know how to match it and make it all look natural. Choose the style you want to make more vivid and make the other a bit more subtle and unnoticeable at first glance. That way, you will preserve the aesthetic look of your garden.

Introduce wildlife

Apart from making your garden appealing just for you, you can create a little kingdom for the animals, as well. Add bird feeders and baths, and consider adding an insect hotel to encourage the beneficial creatures. You can buy one or make one yourself by reusing an old pallet or any other old wood. Cut bamboo canes for solitary bees and add rocks and stones where frogs and newts can hide.

Having wildlife can be beneficial, especially for children, since they can introduce themselves with ecology in an exciting and hands-on approach.

Make your garden unique

If you want to make your garden have a distinctive look, think about making something special. Depending on the limits of your space, you can add a pond to your yard and decorate it with a small wooden bridge and flowers. Or you can set a place for a small fire pit. Rock is an easy and functional choice for the material for a firepit.

Whatever you can think of can be a good idea. Make a rustic playground for your children or pets, or instead of a pond, add a pool.

You can even set up a designated yoga and relaxation space in your garden. Add a fountain or a couple of lovely and old sculptures and make your own paradise.

You do not need to spend too much money on your garden. If your budget is limited, there is no need to add all the expensive objects and designs to achieve the rustic look you crave. Reuse everything you do not need anymore and put a lot of plants. You can make your garden look beautiful naturally and without a big fund and a lot of effort.

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