Tips for a Business Holiday Greetings Card

Your brand probably understands how content can affect direct marketing and the need for up-to-date content and proper timing. Company seasons greetings cards could impact the reputation of the company, and they require a solid strategy and process that could help promote positive customer engagement. You could use holiday cards to build your brand identity, and here are some tips that could help you create an engaging card.

Choose a Good Stock Card and Invest In Vibrant Designs

Mixbook has quality stock photos that are perfect for a business holiday card, and their designs are rich in graphics and quality that you can depend on this coming holiday. Moreover, they have vibrant designs that could represent your company well. Moreover, if you feel like the designs do not meet your expectations, you could opt for a customized business card. You can choose blank designs that are easy to incorporate your designs and graphics; furthermore, you could use your photo to bring the company’s personality to the card.

Create a Client Mail List and Check It Twice

Make sure that you create your Mixbook card on time, which allows you more time to mail it to your clients. Ensure that you create an up-to-date client mail list as you want them to receive your card. Make sure that you have current information and do not rely on previous mail lists as people might have changed their locations, and ensure that you check the list for duplicate mailing addresses to reduce waste.

Personalize Your Card

Personalized greeting cards could melt the hearts of your customers, so you, therefore, avoid sending cold, impersonal corporate cards. You may utilize the personalization tokens in the card to add a personal touch to the holiday card, and you can achieve this by incorporating printing messages directed at clients in different industries. Moreover, you can use different handwriting styles on the card that fits your brand.

Show Professionalism and Respect

Use proper titles for your company holiday cards which could include titles such as “Miss,” “Mr.” and “Mrs.” before their names. This shows your clients and employees that you value and respect them.

You Can Send Your Business Holiday Cards To Offices Too

If you have not built a personal relationship with your clients, it could be better to send the cards to their offices rather than their home addresses. And it could be prudent to send the holiday cards ahead of time as most employees take early holiday vacations.

Keep Holiday Messages Broad

Avoid sending a specific message that may not be in line with the holidays or sending a card with a wrong message could also not be appropriate. The wrong message can make your brand seem out of touch if you are not sure about the holiday your client is celebrating, such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas. Stick with a more general holiday greeting such as ‘season’s greetings.’

The Bottom Line

Holiday greeting cards are the right way of connecting with your clients, and you should make them personalized, which makes them feel like you care about each of your clients. Ensure that you use a good photo that brings the personality of your company on the card. Use general holiday greetings as you do not want to send an out-of-place message. Ensure that your business holiday cards are grafted on time to get enough time to send to your employees and clients.

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