Creating and telling a story that resonates helps us believe in ourselves. Most of us experience the transition to a new working life as a time of confusion, loss, insecurity, and uncertainty. We are scared. “Will I look back one day and think this was the best thing that ever happened?” we ask ourselves. “Or will I realize that this was the beginning of the end, that it was all downhill from here?” We oscillate between holding on to the past and embracing the future. Why? We have lost the narrative thread of our professional life. Without a compelling story that lends meaning, unity, and purpose to our lives, we feel lost and rudderless. We need a good story to reassure us that our plans make sense—that, in moving on, we are not discarding everything we have worked so hard to accomplish and selfishly putting family and livelihood at risk. It will give us motivation and help us endure frustration, suffering, and hard work.

People have told an infinite number of stories since we first gathered around a campfire in the dark and needed to pass the time and keep the shadows away. How many have you heard? How many do you remember? How do you find yours? There are an infinite number of stories, but only a few great ones. Because great stories are based on values. So find your story by starting with your values – the way you define yourself.

Are you all about hard work? Then you should be on a Quest. Are you proud of your resilience in the face of change? Then you’re a Stranger in a Strange Land. Do you care about fostering community? Then you should be telling a Love Story.   Is upward mobility, fame or fortune what you crave? Then you need to live a Rags to Riches story. Or are you focused on restoring justice and order to places or people that lack them? Then your story is one of Revenge.

If you’re ready to tell YOUR Story, we’re ready to share it with our massive global audience – by giving you the opportunity to become a published Guest Author on our award-winning Site with (your own byline). And who knows? – it may be your first step in discovering your “hidden Hemmingway” and moving on to being seated as a Featured Contributor, alongside so many other talented writers from around the globe.

A simple, brief story works well OR whatever length it takes to make it your own. Simply send us your finished work as a WORD document or Google Doc via EMAIL (Subject: Guest Article Submission) and we’ll take it from there!

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