Time To Find Yourself – By Losing Yourself In The Service Of Others?

We believe all nonprofits deserve access to the most brilliant minds in social impact. Yet much of this remarkable talent is needed in one place but resident in another. Years of corporate and nonprofit leadership experience tucked away around the world, poised to make a real impact, but out of reach to so many deserving nonprofits. You’ve got the time, the talent and the passion, but you’re based in Anywhere, USA (or beyond) and the nonprofits that need your kind of help are based in Everywhere, Around The World.
How do we all come together to effectively close that never-ending passion–mission-affordability gap? We do it by “virtually” matching the need with the talent. We do it with free, virtual delivery. We do it by “Delivering Mission-Critical Pro Bono Services To Good Deserving Nonprofits Around The World”.
Sit back, Grab some coffee and read more about how you (or your Company) can move forward by giving back:

Ready To Rise By Lifting Others?

We’re not a FOR PROFIT enterprise. We’re not a NONPROFIT enterprise. We’re a “FOR GOOD” enterprise.

        ~Dennis J. Pitocco, Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer