Thursday’s Blooms

The title of the prose ‘Thursday’s Blooms’ is retained because that is what they are and that is when the photo was taken.

When was the last time you looked at flowers wondering about their origin?

How they were created. Created? Divine inspiration?

We look at flowers often in wonder. The perfection of petals, the fact that when evenings approach petals close seemingly in preparation for a night of dreams and ultimate revitalization. Once again preparing to bless onlookers.

Tulips are so perfect, offering a myriad of colors and guaranteed to attract passers‎. Some remain upright in abject pride, others bow their stems as if spreading their influence and natural manner.

Tulips, like many if not most flowers were once wild blooms that brought joy to any countryside. The tulips we witness today were once wildflowers and originated over a thousand years ago.

The most dramatic of all tulip displays are in Keukenhof‎, The Netherlands. I have been there and the sight is truly stunning. I do not think anywhere in the world can boast such a celebration of Mother Nature’s gift to humankind.


Thursday’s blooms greeting true

Brightest tulips glancing upward
Blue sky Nature’s welcome
Awaiting they for warmer climes
Revealing faces all to see
A smile doth count a thousand words.

Resplendent in yellow coats
Optimism; shining light
Purity of hue such beauty
Gentle breeze heads do waive
To witness unforgettable
Serenity in purest form to gaze.

Simon Lever
Simon Lever
Prior to his retirement, Simon engaged in software and services sector search and recruitment for American companies around Europe. He has retained the enjoyment of engaging with people from other countries and cultures. His energies are now directed towards voluntary community activities, journaling, and exhibition stewardship. He is a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. As an Exhibition Steward, at the 1000-year-old Winchester Cathedral, he is responsible for guiding visitors from the world over, around the award-winning 'Kings and Scribes Exhibition', which includes the 900-year-old Winchester Bible. The exhibition introduces visitors to Winchester's historical significance as a former capital of England. Simon's journaling activities are published on BizCatalyst 360° and accompanying posts on LinkedIn, He acknowledges the inspiration afforded him by Carol Campos of Massachusetts: Life Strategist, Writer, and Intuitive Business Leader who introduced him to writing with feeling; from the heart. Simon's forté is creative writing; the accent on the natural environment, transforming feelings, emotions, sights, sounds, and scents of Mother Nature's landscape; hills and rivers and woodland into words, transporting the reader to the locations. Essays include accounts of his life in former days. Instinctively writing in such a spontaneous manner, descriptions become life-like. His often emotionally charged writing, whether describing a surreal 'Son et Lumière' at the Grand Place in Brussels to experiences acquired during European business travel. Journaling and Exhibition Steward activities are his key sources of inspiration and creativity. Kindness is ever more important, where he is a promoter of Shelly Elsliger PPCC's 'Decide to be Kind' Campaign. Simon champions Positivity, Empathy, and Kindness and has been described as a 'Beacon of Positivity'.


  1. You are so welcome, Larry. I am glad you enjoyed the connection flowers and a safe place. I too enjoy gardening and from Springtime my garden is a myriad of various blooms and trees; and an English lawn! Flowers mean peace and a garden can be a wonderfully serene place in which to enjoy Nature’s gift.