Three Organization Methods Your Business Needs NOW

You may think that there are only a few specific things needed with which you can run a successful business. A good office space? Check. A strong leader? Check? A dedicated team? Check. All critical factors, there’s no doubt about that. But, all of this is rendered pretty much useful if you don’t have one thing running through the veins of your company: organization. Operating a business relies on getting stuff done, and getting stuff done within a particular time frame. You could be the best leader in the world and have a loyal, dedicated team right at your fingertips. But if your company’s organization skills are lacking, the whole thing could be at risk of falling flat. Here are some ways you can bring structure and order into your workplace, for the benefit of both you and your employees.

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Tidy your desks

There isn’t anything worse than having a huge pile of folders, sheets and stationary scattered all over your table in the office. If your employees are following suit, make a point of implementing a desk policy where everything has to be in folders or files. It may seem strict at first, but you will notice your employee’s productivity go up by a mile. It may mean spending a bit of money on desk tidies, or maybe new desks full stop, but it will be worth it. Plus, investing the wellbeing of your employees means that they are more likely to speak about you positively, such as in these AlgaeCal company reviews. This is invaluable when it comes to hiring and retaining good quality staff.

Have regular roundups meetings

Meetings are notorious in business for frequently being pointless, overly drawn-out and generally just a waste of time. After all, how many times have you been to a meeting that quite literally could have just been an email, or been to a meeting that was ABOUT a meeting? This can be so frustrating, and it is one thing that can wind up your employees. So, make a point of scheduling a definitive meeting every week – first thing on a Monday is a good idea – where you can set everything out for the week and schedule in any other meetings that might need to happen. This way, everyone knows their tasks for the week, and they can air any grievances they have then, rather than calling everyone back in three days down the line.

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Implement an email policy

Ever not been able to sleep because you’re up to your neck in work emails? This happens to everyone at some point, and if it’s spread throughout your whole office, it can seriously affect the capability of your team. One way to avoid this is to recommend an email policy that your staff abides by. This will vary from company to company, but you need to make sure it’s something that gets the most important queries dealt with first. Also encourage your employees to keep their inbox to a maximum number of emails at any given time, as a huge backlog in an active inbox can make things very difficult to find.

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