This Is Your Secret Superpower

Is there a downside? Yes, as with all great powers, the superpower is difficult to acquire. And even for many people who discovery the secret, they often fail to utilize the power. Furthermore, it is easily misused. Here’s why.

#1. Easy To Use

Because it’s so easy to do, it’s also so easy not to do.

#2. No Pain

Because your superpower doesn’t involve a lot of pain, you might not notice that it’s working. Maybe you won’t even notice the butterfly landing on your shoulder.

#3. No Major Transformation

Some people want to be heard.

#4. No Costume Required

Some people want to be seen

#5. No Special Instruction or Teacher Required

Some people want to be told what to do.

#6. No Permission Required

Sometimes we’re conditioned to wait for a “go-ahead.”

#7. You Don’t Need An Assistant

“What?” you say. “You mean I gotta’ go alone?”

#8. Not Complicated

When it comes to superpowers, often the simple gets overlooked.

#9. Minimal Time Required

How can it be a superpower and not take decades to acquire?

#10. No Cost

Runs counter to the advice of “you get what you pay for?”

Let me explain. Better yet. Let me demonstrate the misuse of the superpower.

No need to stand back this time.

Let’s say you start with just one of something. Could be one pullup, or one dollar or one idea. Now, don’t apply your power, but rather let it decrease just 1%.

Now it goes without saying, that a 1% decrease is very very small. It’s 99 nickels lying around instead of a 100 nickels laying around (superheroes love Thomas Jefferson, and he’s on the nickel).

And if you allow things to micro decrease just 1% each day for a year… that 1 will have decreased to 0.03 in just a year.

Just as your superpower of +1% holds the key that can lead you to the greatness you were destined to lead, if your superpower is applied negatively at -1%, it will lead to mediocrity and disappointment.

And that is your superpower that will let you transform just about anything you want.

I’m glad you finally know the truth.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do in life. In whatever arena you choose to use your superpower.

I leave you with the words of Commissioner James Gordon from Batman. “You’re going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even. But it will matter just the same.”


Thomas Triumph
Thomas Triumph
TOM is a hands-on technology executive who helps large organizations act more nimbly in the market and small companies scale. Leading marketing and business development, he has launched numerous technology products and led cross-functional teams – including participating in two technology revolutions – less invasive medical devices and the Internet/software. Tom has been a part of some remarkable technology and business growth success stories (as well as some misfires). Building submarines out of 55-gallon drums in grade school, he eventually fulfilled a childhood dream of living aboard a research ship (Jacques Cousteau was on the Board of Directors) and tending to the mini-sub. Tom has also wrestled in the Olympic Trials, founded a consumer electronic company, and worked for leading companies to help launch and lead: medical device products, software, SaaS, Internet companies, professional consulting services, and 25 ton hovercraft built entirely from composite materials. This broad background has resulted in two unique characteristics - the depth of skill that allows Tom to contribute to the technical, business and creative process; and the disposition for collaboration across disciplines. He's an enthusiastic and collaborative team player who maintains a good sense of humor.

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