This Is Your Secret Superpower

superman(1)I have something very important to tell you. It’s serious, and you should really be sitting down.

Gosh, where to begin. It’s big news. So big, you’ll have a hard time believing it’s true.

Remember when you were young, and you would occasionally wonder if you had some sort of superpower? Sort of like a Ninja Turtle or kind of like a Batman or Wonder Woman. You used to wonder if you could accomplish some really incredible things.


You have a secret superpower.

I know this came out of the blue, and you probably don’t even believe me. It’s a hard thing to even comprehend. You’ve watched superhero movies, even read some superhero comic books. But, you eventually grew to think superpowers weren’t real.

But some superpowers are real. And you have one!

The crazy thing is that your superpower has actually been in plain sight your entire life, just waiting to be discovered. Waiting for you to realize its transformative capabilities.

Yet, day after day, you stumbled past its discover.

Hey, don’t feel bad. Most people never discover it. But because you didn’t learn you had a secret superpower, you blended into the world and lived like most everyone else. Doing the best you could as a mere mortal.

It was the same with me. I didn’t know about it either… At least not until this weekend.

This weekend, I found it.

I’m not entirely sure how I made the discovery. But once I caught a glimpse, the discovery came quickly. It was kind of like in the movies. Like catching a glimpse of a small orange glow between the floorboards of the barn, and then finding a spaceship from Krypton hidden below. Sort of like that, but there was no barn and no spaceship.

Once I discovered the superpower, it explained a lot. It shifted my thinking. It was powerful. It explained my past experiences. Why some people do great things. And why often I didn’t.

The first thing I wanted to do was start using it. The second thing I wanted to do was tell you.

Before you put on your cape, let me tell you about your superpower.

First, the good news.

#1. Easy To Use

Maybe the craziest thing of all… is that using your superpower is really easy. There’s basically zero training involved. Think of those Cirque du Soleil performers who juggle flaming torches while riding a bicycle on a tightrope. Learning how to use your superpower is nothing like that.

#2. No Pain

Remember when the radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, and he became deathly ill for a few days before he transformed into Spiderman? Acquiring your superpower is more like a butterfly landing on your shoulder.

#3. No Major Transformation

Eliminate that image of a person turning into a werewolf, with all that painful body morphing accompanied by bone crackling. Your superpower requires no massive change. Not even a little howling.


Thomas Triumph
Thomas Triumph
TOM is a hands-on technology executive who helps large organizations act more nimbly in the market and small companies scale. Leading marketing and business development, he has launched numerous technology products and led cross-functional teams – including participating in two technology revolutions – less invasive medical devices and the Internet/software. Tom has been a part of some remarkable technology and business growth success stories (as well as some misfires). Building submarines out of 55-gallon drums in grade school, he eventually fulfilled a childhood dream of living aboard a research ship (Jacques Cousteau was on the Board of Directors) and tending to the mini-sub. Tom has also wrestled in the Olympic Trials, founded a consumer electronic company, and worked for leading companies to help launch and lead: medical device products, software, SaaS, Internet companies, professional consulting services, and 25 ton hovercraft built entirely from composite materials. This broad background has resulted in two unique characteristics - the depth of skill that allows Tom to contribute to the technical, business and creative process; and the disposition for collaboration across disciplines. He's an enthusiastic and collaborative team player who maintains a good sense of humor.

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