This is My Take – What’s Yours?

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonMY TAKE ON THE impending deal with Iran on their nuclear works is that the major world powers are giving away too much in terms of international security with getting back nothing from I ran in terms of allowing inspections of their nuclear plants. We are in essence playing a potentially dangerous game of “hide your eyes and no peeking” meaning what we don’t know or don’t see won’t hurt us. Are you sure of that? This is my take. What is your take?

The approaching 2016 Presidential elections present to us an already overcrowded field of Republican candidates all seemingly with similar messages with a lean stable of candidates from the Democratic party whose pall bearer is Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton whose role in Benghazzi is well known. Neither party despite their impassioned speeches seem overly impressive especially in light of everything that is going on in this country. This is my take. What is your take?

Some dopey football player (Jason Pierre Paul) has to have one of his fingers amputated after he destroyed the digit while exploding fireworks. All too many of these professional athletes are immature, spoiled, irresponsible, poor role models, are drug users or worse yet a threat to themselves, wives, girlfriends along with the communities that is unfortunate to have them living there. Did I mention grossly overpaid? This is my take. What is your take?

Not since the days of Nazi Germany has anti-semitism been so rampant across the globe. Attacks on religious Jewish individuals have become all too common place. The State of Israel which is the ONLY country in the Middle East that proudly displays our country’s flag in the Prime Minister’s Office in addition to being the ONLY country in the Middle East with a 9/11 memorial. Those that burn our flag or brutally murder innocent men, women, children and babies are rarely shown in their true light. This is my take. What is your take?

Our Supreme Court of The United States with its recent decisions about legalizing gay marriage is operating under the premonition that its job is no longer to interpret the law but to pass laws of its own. The Supreme Court is supposed to uphold our Constitution not operate outside or independent of it. Discrimination against any group is unacceptable as is denial of equal rights under the law. Redefining what marriage is does not fall under the jurisdiction of The Supreme Court. Our whole judicial system is now subject to question in terms of ethics and integrity of which it operates. That is my take. What is your take?

Global warming? Melting icebergs in Antarctica? You may wish to consult the residents of New England along with other parts of the country who experience bone chilling temperatures with record breaking snowfalls. Scientific data can be slanted in any number of ways to sway public opinion or create a situation that exists only in their minds. Sorry Al Gore! Looks like you will have to live with a few less speaking engagements that line your pockets so nicely. This is my take. What is your take?

One of the many great things about our country is that we are allowed (or supposed to be allowed) to voice our opinions freely without fear of reprisal from our government. My take on issues is decidedly influenced by Conservative thinking. Your take may be based on more liberal points of view. At any given moment in time either or both of us can be wrong or right or perhaps anywhere in between. This is my take. What is your take?

By the way don’t we all agree chocolate is far superior to vanilla? You mean we don’t all agree on that either. We are in trouble. Just kidding about this one. It’s still okay to make jokes isn’t it? Isn’t it still okay?


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. A very excellent and thought provoking article, Joel. You’ve obviously taken your time to research the topics thoroughly and provide balanced, rational arguments for your views. In other words this isn’t some rant. Plus you’ve invited others to share their own views knowing that they likely differ from yours.
    For myself, I’m going to have to take some time to think on how I may want to address the topics themselves.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Ahndrea, I can never thank you enough for your loyal readership. Your comments are are always appreciated not to mention your very kind and generous comments. You always seem to know what to say. Please feel free to express your feelings/opinion on nay part of the article. Do not worry if you disagree with my statements as that is what communication is all about. I am anxious to read your comments. Until then thank you as always for your readership and support.

  2. My take is that the evisceration of America,the exponential decline of Freedom,Opportunity,a Present and a Future began in earnest with the assassinations of the Kennedy’s and the corrupt,sham called the Warren Commission which buried the truth alongside them. Hillary as reported was actually on the “commission” and forced to resign,to leave for betraying the truth using her position to deceive, to accuse,to distort what had actually happened using the same brand of pathological behavior she has refined into Tyranny today!

    The unholy reign of Lyndon Johnson was the beginning of the end for America as it was intended. This sociopath began the socialist bent,the destruction of family,ethics,the law,the Constitution,the Union the end of checks and balances,the rule of law,accountability metastasized into Obama,the tyrants,the pathological anti-American destruction of Unalienable rights,G-D given rights,the American economy(the engine of Freedom and sovereignty) we once had.

    Vietnam arguably in my opinion was one of, if not the most heinous crimes committed by a President,an administration as ONE man declared war,sent hundreds of thousands of Americans to fight and die in a war that was illegal,unconstitutional,economically,illegally
    ,immorally,deceivingly destroying ,betraying the “limited” powers of government,the Constitutional law that war MUST be an act of Congress NOT the dictate of any one man!

    War after War,the failure of checks and balances,a corrupt electoral and political systems,a cadre of sociopaths one after another have destroyed the blood sweat and tears of so many millions(legal) immigrants who risked everything to come here,went through an arduous but necessary process to become citizens here,worked indefatigably,fought to protect,too often died to protect Freedom,themselves,their children,their property,their country as for most,the American Dream was “real”. Generation after generation betrayed by this generation the first to stand silent,inert against the tyranny they escaped,the haven they built where”anything” was possible Until NOW!

    • Peter, WOW! Your comments would have to be the most comprehensive, in depth, exceptionally brilliant I have seen to date! Aside from the meticulous research you did to back up your facts may I ask what prompted you to write as you did while using such impeccable style. Was there any one item in the article that touched a “nerve” with you. I ask these questions in an effort to get to know readers like you that much better. Thank you for this outstanding contribution. I am anxiously awaiting to read your new comments.

    • Hi Joel,

      Thank You for the compliment! I suppose that what I have witnessed,survived,endured in my lifetime has reached the point where I feel compelled to respond.

      I refer to the evisceration of America,my country,your country,the country that my family,millions of families risked everything to embrace. I am the American Dream! No,it’s not about power,money,narcissism but about the incredible journey.The will,the courage,the strength,the indomitable desire that my father,my grandparents,my 6 aunts and uncles as so many millions endured for Freedom,for Opportunity faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles! It’s about insurmountable obstacles conquered just to survive never mind the strength to work any job to put a roof overhead,some minimal food on the table and somehow find the strength,the time to get an education,learn a trade,to ultimately be free of the tyranny thrust upon them!,Millions and millions for whom the dream was more fantasy until they worked for it,lived it,celebrated a life they could never imagine before!

      My father worked three jobs yet found a way to educate himself ultimately graduating from Brooklyn Law School Magna!

      He was/is my hero as were all of those in my family who didn’t get rich,didn’t aspire to be rich but each of whom were able over the years to own a small home,a small piece of property,the basics and a little more,a sense of pride,passion,love of country passed on to my sister,myself but seemingly betrayed today!

      We grew up loving America,fighting for America,building this country into a place where anything was possible for most if they wanted it bad enough,worked hard enough,sacrificed willingly for the Freedoms they gave,the gifts they gave to a generation obfuscated before my eyes!

      This was a country where most with the will to get up when knocked down,the pride,the honor,the gift of opportunity did just that and for most,it worked!

      There was tradition,there was the fear of G-D,there was Family, respect,there was discipline,there was accountability and the willingness to risk,to create a vibrant economy,the engine of freedom no longer able to create the jobs,the quality of life they once did.

      A country led by sociopaths,self-anointed demagogues,narcissists sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution,to represent the people doesn’t anymore,only representing themselves!

      This is what moves me to speak,this is why I write. In respect to generation after generation that passed on a better place,my family who fought for America,worked in America,built America,too often died to protect America UNTIL NOW!

      Those who serve are Not why I write! I write to admonish those elected,paid,entrusted,sworn to lead who have betrayed that trust.

    • Peter, I can feel the love you have for this country along with the disdain you feel towards those who are trying to destroy everything everything that our forefathers fought and died for. Our country is in grave danger which increases almost on a daily basis due to those (on both sides of the aisle) who put their personal and political interests ahead of what is best for our once proud nation. that if more people like you stand up and make noise perhaps we can steer this country back in the right direction. For the record Peter I agree with all of your statements 100%. Please stay with us and help us keep up the fight for our country. You are a true patriot!