Things Change All the Time

Know that all things change all the time, no matter how much you try to control the outcomes. Once you change one thing, nothing will be the same; you cannot go back to the way it was.

Everything is in transition; nothing stays fixed or permanent. This includes your moods, the clouds, and cars traveling on the freeway.

Transition is about stopping something and then choosing something else, yet again. It is a cycle that never stops, yet sometimes it is very disturbing.

If you get a promotion, your life changes. If you end your relationship, your life changes. Transition is really about change – we just choose bigger words to define it. If you can work within the confines of change, you will be fine. If you can’t, you will have problems. If you get that new job, along with that sought-after raise, or your business takes off when there are numerous investors, you may be in a better place – for now.

Did you ever go on vacation to a special place, to return some time later and it feels different? It feels different because you are different. You are not the same person you were the first time you were there, so it is no surprise that you may be a bit disappointed. There is nothing wrong here, just that your perspective has changed; you have had numerous experiences since your first visit and you have changed.

No fear, as long as you remember that everything changes and that transition is with us 24/7; you will be able to readjust yourself and enjoy this great vacation – again.


Joanne Victoria
Joanne Victoria
JOANNE VICTORIA is the author of 7 books including Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want and Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams. Joanne lives in the Greater Seattle, WA area. After professions such as Real Estate Broker/Owner, CFO of an investment company, CFO and Sales & Marketing Director of a home-building company, owner of New Directions, a business development firm as well as Gemma & Bixley, a coaching and consulting company, Joanne was ready for her next adventure, helping Leaders & Entrepreneurs live the life they want. Joanne took her business and personal development expertise, added in several ounces of intuition and humor, along with studies in philosophy, Buddhism, and leadership, all to be the best-qualified Life Coach ever. Joanne Victoria is the host of the "The Sanity Project Podcast", and helps frustrated and almost burned out Leaders & Entrepreneurs discover their True Calling to unleash the power of their minds to make a greater impact on the world, benefit humanity, and be more successful

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  1. Great point Joanne. I believe it’s not the change that causes disruption in our lives but our resistance to the change that creates stress and difficulties. Once we accept the change, we can adapt or go with the flow. Thanks for sharing.

    • Absolutely Helen Heinmiller and Thank You – resistance is the dream killer as well. Flexibility to adapt is the only way to go or else more stress presents itself.

    • Thank you Mac Bogert! Thank you so much for mentioning Louise Penny – I have yet to read her book and will do so asap as I am all about the LIGHT! Glad you enjoyed this post.

  2. Nice to remember that we are always changing…I remember when I was younger thinking that one day I would figure out who I am. Now I know that who I am is constantly evolving and what we know exists at a point in time. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

    • Thank you, Janine Bolon, for appreciating what we can become. I will tell my kids that you consider me ‘that calm voice of reason’ and watch their jaws drop.