The Writer in Me Just Woke Up!

I am not a writer.

I don’t know how many times I repeated those words to myself, although I write dozens of emails and memos every day at work. True, it is related to my profession (I am a civil engineer), but still, I write multi-page reports and am good at writing business documents.

Well, then, why am I afraid to write a blog post?

The reason is a different type of audience. I write emails and memos to people I know or at least know their names. The social media audience is a mystery to me, and I don’t know what to expect.

Finally, the decision fell!

Now, I need to find a topic. Once again, I am facing a dilemma. I could write about the things that interest me, but I don’t know if it will be interesting to readers. I like math, new technologies, green tech, traditional building methods, but also things related to nature and cultural heritage.

So many ideas go through my mind. I came to the conclusion that all these topics have already been written. How to write about familiar things in a new way? I remembered the title of a documentary I recently watched, “The Unknown Known.”  Should I write something like that? There is always some sort of new land to explore, and I see myself as an explorer.

For now, I don’t want to use any writing tips. I don’t like headlines with a number of ways to do something better. There are too many such posts, which frankly, annoy me.

After some hesitation, I decided.

My first ever blog post will be about what I was thinking before I started writing, the doubt about whether to write or not for the public.

Here it is! The ice has broken!

Regardless of any future comments, I am relieved that I have managed to write a few meaningful sentences (I hope they are). Then it occurred to me that maybe nobody will read my post, but I think disappointment is also a part of the writing process. After all, there is a first time for everything. I just have to wait and see how it goes.

Next time I will write about subjects close to my heart. Many new ideas are already emerging.

The writer in me just woke up!


Lada Prkić
Lada Prkić
Lada Prkić is a Civil Engineer and has a lot of professional experience in various fields of Civil Engineering. She works at the University of Split on the capital construction projects at the University Campus and beyond. Besides performing responsible tasks as a Project Manager, and Head of Capital Investment Office, Lada became passionate about blogging. She writes about civil engineering, architecture, geometry, networks on social media, and human relations. Lada lives with her family in Split, Croatia, a beautiful 2,000 years old city on the coast of the Adriatic sea.

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  1. Lada, first and foremost, welcome. As I scroll through the best of 360, it’s the title that will hit me to decide if I want to read the piece. Because I think like you in writing my articles, especially since changing my moniker to “Soldier of Christ” I rarely receive comments like I use to and I thought I’m not going to write another article, but then said to myself, I write for me and if someone enjoys reading what I write then grater, if no one reads what I write then that’s okay too. Your piece is great and I say; continue to write no matter what. Blessings

    • Thank you, Lynn! One question still arises in my mind when I write. For whom am I writing? Four years ago, when I was starting blogging, I would have said I write for myself first. I still think the same. The audience does matter, but it comes after. It is important to me that my words resonate with the audience. Even more important, that my writing sounds like me. On social media, the audience comes and goes. My thoughts, if you maintain consistency in writing (meaning not write to please a broader audience) and if your words reflect who you really are, then you will find your audience – as I did.

    • Yes, I agree, as I stated above that if someone resonates from what I write then that is a blessing. Just as what you wrote resonated with me.

  2. Welcome Lada. There are so many things about your article that resonate. I’ve dabbled in writing for many years and have learned that the best and only way to succeed is to be yourself. Just say what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back and don’t worry about the results. The beginning will feel like a scary void. You may not get any traction at all, but don’t be discouraged. It takes time to build an audience and establish a proper relationship with them. They need to become familiar with your name and what you are writing about. Have patience and let your fingers do all the talking. Eventually the results will work themselves out naturally. Looking forward to reading your work – best of luck!

    • Hi Aaron! Thank you for taking the time to comment. This post was my blogging debut a few years ago. The second one I published on WordPress was about a sense of discouragement and the lack of engagement. Then, I published the same post on beBee, where it got a lot of traction.
      It takes time for the ‘new kid on the block’ to be accepted. It also depends on the social media platform and its community.
      But judging by the number of comments on Bizcatalyst, I already found my audience. 🙂

      Thank you also for the invitation to connect on LinkedIn. I hope to see you on both platforms.

    • Thank you, Maria! I broke the ice almost four years ago. 🙂 It was my first blog post and beginning of my writing journey. I still don’t think of myself as a writer, but someone who is only trying to put some thoughts on the blank screen. The inner perfectionist is calm and quiet. 🙂

  3. Oh Lada! Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime! I remember feeling much the same way. In fact, I think it was eight months after my book came out that I finally owned that I was a writer. Even though I had been writing for most of my life, and concentrating on writing for the better part of seven years before my book was released, I never felt like a writer. But I will tell you that this craft has changed my life. It has changed me. Your intuition, to write what’s in your heart, rather than try to create some arbitrary list (those annoy me too!), is wise. Trust that inner wisdom as you embark on this new journey. More than anything it will be the journey to find yourself. In having the courage to tell your truths to the world, you give others permission to do the same. That is the power of writing.

    • Hi Kimberly, I kept waiting to have the time to comment on my laptop in peace. 🙂 Here is 11 PM. An early morning, while sipping my latte before going to work is the best time for me to read, write and comment. I even get up earlier in the morning to have more time for writing. Sadly, I only have an hour or even less. That’s my life, for the time being.
      First, I want to thank you for commenting and sharing the first blog post I wrote almost four years ago. It seems as it was yesterday.
      I am so glad that you, as an accomplished writer, can relate to my words. After four years of blogging, I can’t say that writing changed my life but definitely helped me get to know myself better. Besides, I write in a foreign language. English is not my mother tongue. I see writing in a foreign language as challenging yourself.
      All in all, these four years of writing have been a real adventure. I hope it lasts for a long time.

      Congrats on your book Brave Leadership! Perhaps, there’s the leader in all of us, as well as writers. 🙂