The Way Forward

Digital marketing is what we do nowadays, whether it be for personal gain, or for business reasons. We even market ourselves, so for example, we want to get a message across on social media to as many people as possible, so we write that message in such a way that it has an ultimate impact, and we all do it without thinking, so in today’s age we are all digital marketers in life, if not in business.

The biggest marketing tool that businesses use is a blog, and it is reported that 81% of consumers use a blog to research a purchase.

A staggering 5,670,000 blog posts are published each day, can you imagine the customer base you have with that? blogging remains at the forefront of any marketing strategy campaign.

Marketing a brand or service can be a huge burden for the poor guy or girl who takes responsibility for it, you will either end up crying in your coffee, or you will be doing the highland fling around the office in celebration. What I don’t want to do is scare people into thinking that a job in marketing is a big no-no, because, in fact, it can be the most satisfying job in the world, not to mention very profitable. I am not writing this article in a technical format at all, it’s not about how we market our brands and services, or even ourselves, but it’s about how we approach digital marketing.

Marketing can be as diverse as anything that we do, and the project that you are working on now will be completely different from the previous one. For example, your target audience will be different, costing will be different, packaging, supply, manufacturing, transportation, everything will be different. The key here is research, to blindly go and try to market something that you know nothing about, is a fool’s game, you have to know everything about what you are marketing as if you owned it yourself, and if you did own it yourself you wouldn’t stand for attitudes like “maybe that will work” “WE WILL TRY THIS” “IF IT GOES WRONG, WE CAN START AGAIN”.I wouldn’t be happy with that attitude, in fact, I am sure no good marketing agency would.

This has just been a very brief and basic article about how important it is to lay the groundwork before you start any marketing project. the keywords to understand are…PREPARATION…RESEARCH. CORRECT TARGETED AUDIENCE, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, AND THEN ASK YOURSELF, “BEFORE I PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP, IS EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE SO FAR CORRECT. We all make mistakes, but it is so wrong not to try and minimize those mistakes as much as humanly possible



Andy Thomson
Andy Thomson
My name is Andy, I am a professional blogger, and my passion is helping people and businesses to be the very best that they can. I am 55 years old, and I have been writing all my life, and today the inspiration behind it all are my children, grandchildren, and the city I live in the UK, that cities name is Lincoln, with its people and ancient history there is always a story to be told. I thrive under pressure, because I believe that a challenge brings out the best in you, and I want to write at my best. I have run a blog for many years, and I love blogging, I use this blog as an escape from everyday life, and to spread the word and create awareness about mental health.

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