The Way Back to Who We Are

There is now and there is NOW.

Little now is the ego-based: I want it now! I have to have that now! I will take/do anything (drugs, food, gaming) to stop feeling like I do now!

Little now is lives in fear and avoidance. Its focus is how to escape from what it perceives as the pain of now. 

NOW is a whole different thing even though it is spelled with the same 3 letters and most would consider it the same word. 

NOW is pausing in this moment and gently, without judgment, accepting all of who we are-fears, joys, sadnesses, happinesses, angers, pains, elations. 

* All of it. 

* Without judgment (that’s challenging).

* Without moving immediately to change any of it.

That is the NOW that allows us to connect with our true essence, our soul, our inner knowing. (It has many names.) 

From this NOW we can make clear choices for the next authentic steps on our path. (Authentic steps, Heart-centered steps, Healing steps) These steps often involve self-care and boundaries. Not self-harm or harm to others. 

Each one of us has our own journey, sometimes we make bad decisions and harmful choices on the way. Sometimes, it is the pain we cause ourselves and others that causes us to stop and finally see the difference between now and NOW and begin the journey back to who we are.

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnellyhttps://dancingwithease.com/
Laura Donnelly is a teacher, mentor, choreographer, dancer, writer, and founder of Dancing with Ease. She teaches Body-Brain-Business Balance online and in person. The work is based on Laura's 35 plus years as a performer and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Somatics, Movement Fundamentals™, and business management. Working with individuals Laura supports people to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, and discover their “right effort” to achieve dynamic balance in all activities. Applying this work to business creation and development allows business owners to create businesses that fit them, their energies, their ideal workflows, and specific time commitments. This organic process uses “right effort” which ensures that the business that emerges fits the owner/founder like a fine leather glove. Starting from a foundation based on personal wellbeing and organic growth insures that the business supports awareness and personal growth while bringing financial success and joy. Laura has an MFA in Theatre Arts/Dance from the University of Arizona. She completed masters coursework in Business Management at the University of Phoenix and Six Sigma training at the request of the Provost at the University of Arizona. She has consulted on numerous small business enterprises for medical doctors, fertility specialists, architects, locksmiths, home inspectors, and realtors. She has provided grant writing and management services and administrative process improvement for academic departments and arts organizations. She toured throughout the U.S. and Europe as a professional dancer performing ballet, modern and historical dance. Her choreography has been performed in the U.S. and Europe. She teaches, writes, and photographs the world around her.


  1. Laura – WELCOME!!!
    Love this right here: “From this NOW we can make clear choices for the next authentic steps on our path.”
    It is all about moving forward, one step, one day, one choice at a time.
    And it is our choices that will always lead us back to where we need to be.