The Wake-Up Call

As a coach, I really enjoy my areas of work with the elderly and women empowerment. I truly believe that in order to contribute to a better world, I can make a difference by serving in my own community, my own little world. When it comes to women empowerment, for several years now I have been helping other professionals to support and assist traumatized women, who have been sexually abused in many ways, most of them in their childhood. Step by step trying to get their lives back on track. Having the courage to finally face the past, the shame, the pain, and the sadness that the little girl in them had to go through. As an adult ready to give that little girl in them the love she deserves, giving her a voice to be seen and heard. I didn’t know it would make a difference reaching out to these women, inspiring and motivating them, but it did.

Recently I had my first podcast and my first appearance as a guest speaker giving two workshops to professionals at a women empowerment event. I wasn’t nervous about the podcast. But the event location was in my hometown, in our own football stadium, I had my own Skybox for the two groups of professionals who attended my workshop. I had never been to a football stadium before, I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was going to say to these professionals. Then it happened, in the middle of the night, I got my first suicide call…! A young woman, also a victim of childhood sexual abuse, called to say goodbye and to take those pills after the phone call because life was hurting too much. With every cell in my body, I knew I had to use and say the right words in the most kind and compassionate way so she wouldn’t take those pills, to let her know how loved she was and give life one more chance to serve her the happiness she deserved. It was a long conversation, but she decided not to take those pills and to give life another chance. Thank you, God.

That night I had my Wake-up Call when I realized how important it was to share my voice.

It made me even more determined to continue to inspire and motivate these traumatized women. To be a voice of kindness and great compassion for those who dare not to speak. I could clearly see my purpose and path more than ever. Serving humanity at its core. So grateful to contribute in this way, to do good for a better world.

This Wake-up Call resulted in a very inspiring day for all professionals who participated in the workshop. The professionals who planned the event were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from all participants. Why this women’s empowerment event? The victims who seek help from frontline professionals, these professionals could use more experienced tips and tools to guide the victims through the process and help them appropriately. A lot is going well, but there is always room for improvement.


Ineke Kanhai
Ineke Kanhai
I believe in and guide you to Be your own Excellence. We rise by lifting others Up! My personal Brand: #BeYourOwnExcellence. My main focus areas are being an/a Online Coach, guiding you to Be your own Excellence. Empowering and uplifting people overcoming difficulties in life is a very grateful job. It is truly amazing making people aware that being your authentic self, is enough. Being your own Excellence is the greatness and magic that you contribute to our world. No competition needed. You are your own competition. It’s a true gift seeing people living that moment of awareness Being their own Excellence following the path of #kindness and #compassion.Humanitarian; Contributing, bringing global awareness in making our world a better place to live in peace and harmony for humanity and all living beings, trough acts of kindness and compassion. When it comes to our planet and all living beings, the essence is sustainability and we as humans should find a way to re-connect as souls with the rest of the living planet! Making a difference and leaving a legacy by touching lives with words of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and action. Painting visions of a future much better than now as I choose Peace for the Healing of us all. Jobseeker; Jobseekers from a volunteer foundation to help with professional guidance in their career development. Jobseekers can also join a private group (with 4000+ group members) to share experiences and that we manage as a moderator to keep staying inspired and motivated. LinkedIn profile scan; I help you with a quick profile scan of your LinkedIn Profile if things are in order. For this, I use the checklists of professionals as LinkedIn Experts and recruiters (from the Netherlands) who share their checklists to help create a professional LinkedIn Profile. Women Empowerment Moderator; I also help moderate other online private groups. Like an online private group of women who have been sexually abused as a child or in their youth. Experienced expert (formal) caregiver; (field: acquired brain injury and dementia).My inspiring caregiver story, taking care of my mother. Where doctors gave her 3-6 months, God blessed us with a journey for almost 13 years, often going from impossible to Possible! Live a Life of great fulfillment: Be Your Own Excellence!

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