The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Staying in the Present Moment Alleviates Stress About the Past and Worry About the Future

One day last week, I awoke suddenly to the Tom Petty song chorus, “the waiting is the hardest part…”, blasting in my head. This was very odd, considering I had just dreamt that I met Sir Paul McCartney, who was mesmerized by my first name and kept repeating it over and over with his rich British accent. I boldly suggested that he write a song about my name but woke up to Tom Petty before I could get his reply. It was confusing, to say the least, but made me take notice of Tom Petty’s words I was hearing. Sorry, Sir Paul.

As a side note, I happened to see an interview Sir Paul had with Stephen Colbert a few days later, promoting his new children’s book, and he did not mention my name once. So, I take it we’re even.

Before this event happened, I was pondering what to write about next. I took a few days to think about the words that were still repeating in my head like a broken record. The waiting is the hardest part. This sentiment certainly applies to me personally these days and probably a lot of people. The whole world seems to be waiting for change.

Some days I wonder if I made the right decision and feel regret creeping in when I review what happened.

Presently, I am going through a significant redirection of my priorities in life and feel that I am in a waiting mode right now. Last year I gave up my business, most of my client work, teaching, and writing after realizing that nothing I was doing was working very well, even though my offerings were professional and helpful. The truth is, I felt more stressed about my work than joy, and it took a long time to admit this to myself. My work is out-of-the-box for most people, and I was not able to keep up financially. So, I am working on a reboot to find my voice in the world. It isn’t always easy. Some days I wonder if I made the right decision and feel regret creeping in when I review what happened. Maybe I should have given it a little more time. Other days I begin to worry that nothing positive will come. Perhaps it is time for me to retire and stop trying. I can tell you that I genuinely believe some days that the waiting is the hardest part.

What I have discovered in this process is that staying in the present moment alleviates the stress and worry I experience when I look back at what was or ponder what will be. Living in the present moment allows me to focus on what my soul desires for that moment alone. When I connect to the impulse in my gut, where my spiritual connection is, I see the next step for that moment. Maybe it is writing an article like this, or it is making a call to someone. Maybe it is doing laundry or cooking a pot of soup. When I stay focused on the task at hand, there is peace in my experience.

It can be hard to stay in the present moment. As I pondered this subject, I asked myself if this advice could apply to every person and their situations. What if someone is in debt and struggling to pay the bills? What if they have no money for food for their children? What if someone is in danger? Can they alleviate stress and worry or, even should they?

I believe that regardless of your situation, living in the present moment takes you out of the energy of fear and puts you into the power of love. Fear blocks manifestation. Love creates opportunity. We cannot change the past. Whether we made the right choice or wrong choice is inconsequential to what the present moment requires of us. Worrying about the unknown future is simply a waste of energy. Fear locks us into indecision and disconnects us to the source of our wisdom within. The action called for at this moment attracts what happens in the future. Here is where we have some control.

Connecting to the present moment brings us into our feeling nature. To manifest what we want, we need to feel that desired goal as already here. If you want wealth, feel wealthy. If you want safety, feel safe in the present moment. So, for a person with financial struggles, fearing that there is no connection to money brings a feeling of lack and lack is fear. If you adopt a new thought that you are abundant and begin trusting in yourself and the universe that supports you, opportunities will be attracted to you. You must feel you are worth it. Waiting for money to come your way is the hardest part if you lack trust and faith in yourself. I find people who trust themselves more have more opportunities come their way naturally. I have experienced this myself, but it takes practice and vigilance to make this permanent. It’s easier when things are already going well to forget.

I believe living in the present moment is crucial for someone who finds themselves in danger. Fear can take over your thinking and cloud your judgment by disconnecting you from what your gut is telling you.

Fear allows the mind to take over and play on the conditioned mindset of powerlessness. In the present moment, you can reaffirm, first, that you are still alive. With only seconds sometimes to decide, going to your feeling sense or your gut-instinct connects you with your higher self that knows what the right move is. I drummed into my two daughters that if they were ever in a dangerous situation like a school lockdown or a public event that they should follow their gut. If their gut says to stay in place, stay put. If their gut tells them to run, then run! So many times, people panic and follow what everyone else is doing in panic. Our greatest power and inner strength come from inside of us. Listen to any story from a soldier in a foxhole. You will hear examples of how their gut feelings saved them many times over.

Instead of waiting for something big to happen and allowing our mind to take us through fearful minefields of regrets and worry, it would serve us all to stay in the present moment and take back our power. Here is where clarity and peace of mind exists that direct us energetically to the goals we are trying to manifest.


Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller is an inspirational author, teacher, and speaker bringing a 21st century perspective to all aspects of life. After fifteen years in corporate America and another twenty years studying personal and spiritual growth, Helen discovered a vital link between our connection to the divine and our ability to manifest good health, enriching relationships, and satisfaction in work and service. She believes that divinity is woven into every aspect of life to include all parts of society and business because, when embraced, our divine connection powers the inspiration that's needed to succeed. Helen is the author of two inspiring adventure novels, The Rustling of Angels and, her thriller, Final Redemption. Through the art of storytelling, Helen reveals real paradigm-shifting truths about who we are as humans and the inherent power we all share to change the negative direction of the world today. Her mission is to bring this message to people, businesses, and organizations to inspire and build new inspirational conversations and positive solutions for the world. Helen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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